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Just a note

Uncle Joe

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Just a note to let you know that starting this Friday I'll be absent from SF for a few days. I'm going into the hospital for surgery to replace the knee prosthesis that had to be removed 12 weeks ago.

If all goes as expected I hope to be home by

Wednesday the 26th.

It'll be good to finally get back on my feet (gingerly at first) after 12 weeks in the wheelchair.

I'll report back ASAP.

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This is a good thing! Just behave and do what they tell you (mostly) and you'll soon be back to chasing Joanne around the kitchen. Come to think of it I doubt the wheelchair has slowed you down anyway. Take care, and feel good Joe. ;)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That's exactly how I pictured it!! :cool:

Sweet UncleJoe, everything will be allright and you'll feel great... Congrats and mucho love!!! :)

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Remember, after the first weeks of waiting for your doctor to say "go" on rehab. You need to workout an extra hour or two a day. Doc says 2 hours a day, workout 4 hours a day.

That's how I got back in 5 1/2 weeks instead of 6 for hip replacement surgery and became my doctor's poster child for rehab.


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I'm recovering well and rehabbing the leg aggressively. The surgery was on Oct. 21st and I came home from the hospital on the 25th. I'm already driving and am about to switch from a walker to a cane.

One lingering problem persists though. I have the hiccups. I've had them since surgery and I cannot get rid of them. They are driving me crazy. I've tried every home remedy I could find...nada. My doctor even tried accupuncture to no avail. I'm told they can last three weeks or so. Get the rubber room ready. I'm open to suggestion....

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Holding my breath all the way through the hiccup has always worked for me....but I'm sure you tried that...

Drinking a glass of water slowly through a couple of cycles of hiccups ALWAYS works for me.

Those are the only two things that also work for me...

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