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What's the last CD you bought/got?


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This week I bought:

"Dirty" - Sonic Youth, hitherto missing from my collection and a snip at £2.99 (that's little more than the price of a pint of beer) :cool:

"In Gut's House" - Ut Ut were an all-female trio in the avant-garde, post-punk, "No Wave" vein (somewhere between The Slits and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, with a mere soupcon of early Banshees to taste), who released a couple of albums on the Blast First label (UK home to the likes of Sonic Youth, The Swans, Big Black in the late 80s) My band once supported them in front of a sparse audience in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. They were perhaps a little too avant-garde for Doncaster's music-going public, but I enjoyed them. I had Sally Young's telephone number in my "Useful Contacts" book for years, without ever getting back in touch with her. I had almost forgotten about UT until reading a short article about them in a book I read recently, and decided to see if their stuff is still available. "In Gut's House", £4.99, (that's little more than the cost of a packet of 20 cigs); well worth it. :)

Their follow up "Griller" was produced by Steve Albini (of whom I'm an admirer), so I might have to pursue that one too; all in good time...

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