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  1. If you can wait till August, there's a film called Taking Woodstock on release. The trailer is on YouTube. Sorry - no link.
  2. I'm so sad to hear this news. I think a lot of people will be playing DSOTM tonight.
  3. Anything X Factor or reality show-related gets my vote. What's the word? Oh yes its FAKE.
  4. Jethro Tull's live Bursting Out. Classic moment where Ian Anderson is introducing the band before a song and then notices one is missing. 'Gone for a piss' he says. Can anyone guess what he says when the man returns?
  5. If you are at the South Bank in Central London between now and mid August you might be interested in the following: Mind Over Matter: Images of Pink Floyd - an exhibition of photographs by Storm Thorgerson. Open daily 24 Jul 2008 to 10 Aug 2008 I just happened to be passing by this afternoon and noticed it was on. It's not a huge exhibition - 50 tops - but worth a visit all the same. An it's free too. It's the other side of the river nearly opposite St Pauls. LINK
  6. Your Score: You got 19 right out of 20 questions, for a score of 95 percent. Maybe YOU should be the Classic Rock Guide! Got no 18 wrong. 13 was a guess as Standells are a group not heard of in the UK.
  7. Birth song:- "The Stripper" David Rose 18 "Coming Up (Live at Glasgow)" Paul McCartney and Wings. I can see a smutty link...
  8. Superwoman (where were you when I needed you) I believe (when I fall in love it will be forever) Visions
  9. I'll go for Wilson Pickett belting out Hey Jude.
  10. Living in the UK, the ONLY Joni Mitchell song ever heard is Big Yellow Taxi. Kind of wish somebody would tow it away and start playing ANYTHING from Court and Spark.
  11. I wonder if anyone else has ever bought a first album by a band/artiste and been so impressed with it that they never bought another title for fear of being let down by it not being so good? I've always been wary of buying anything of Country Joe & the Fish since purchasing their Electric Music for the Mind and Body debut 26 years ago. I only write this because I bought the follow up today and wondering why it took so long to buy?
  12. Oh I totally agree Barry. 1 to 5 (not heard the live 4th yet) are all masterpieces in their own way. That's what I meant about going onwards and wondering if they match up to what went before. Having mentioned the 4th, I wonder if anyone else has got anything to say about how expensive it seems to be. I clocked it at £37 in HMV, which equates to about $70 on the other side of the pond.
  13. When you say Edmonton, you must be talking Canada right? The most exciting thing ever to happen (musically) in Edmonton in London where I was born was a visit by Elton John in 1973. Nowadays musical entertainment in the town can be best summed up by the tramp who sings outside Edmonton Green station
  14. Debbie Harry at Hammersmith in 1995 or so. Tried to do some torch songs and sounded either bored or wasted. Half full, and some guy was jerking himself off in the seats in front of me. Needless to say I left very soon into the show...
  15. Did they mention the MAGIC roundabout?
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