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  1. Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road: ' Roy Orbison singing for the lonely. Hey, thats me and I want you only' Mentions both the singer (bold) and the song (italics)
  2. Saturnalia - The Gutter Twins The Blackening - Machine Head Watershed - Opeth
  3. Death Magnetic is an awesome album. Just one week away from the release. :guitar:
  4. Michael Jackson: Thriller and preordered Death Magnetic by Metallica
  5. I like Magic more than Born in the USA. Not that I dislike BITUSA, far from it.
  6. The Antwerp gig was AWESOME. The best concert I've ever seen. It was very hot (indoor-arena), but Bruce and the E-Street Band were in excellent shape. Highlights for me were Trapped, 'Sandy', Thundercrack, Because The Night, Point Blank, Badlands, Born to Run and Thunder Road. This is the setlist of Antwerp June 23th, 2008 1. So Young and In Love 2. Radio Nowhere 3. The Ties That Bind 4. Promised Land 5. Spirit in The night 6. Magic 7. Trapped 8. 4th of July Asbury Park ( Sandy ) 9. Prove it All Night 10. Thundercrack (played for the first time in Europe) 11. Because The Night 12. She's The One 13. Living in The Future 14. Mary's Place 15. Fire 16. Point Blank 17. The Rising 18. Last to Die 19. Long Walk Home 20. Badlands 21. I'm a Rocker (played for the first time this tour) 22. Born to Run 23. Thunder Road 24. Glory Days 25. American Land
  7. Best for me: Bruce Springsteen, june 23th 2008 in Antwerp. Only indoor-arena in the European stadium-leg of the Magic tour. Very intense and long concert (almost 3 hours straight) with a lot of surprises (Born to Run-outtake So Young and in Love as opener, Thunder Crack played for the first time in Europe, Point Blank and the tourpremiere of I'm a Rocker), great interaction between Bruce and the crowd and of course excellent renditions of classics like Because The Night, Badlands, Born to Run and Thunder Road. The newer songs also fit in well.
  8. not exactly true. I think 'Streets' was only the opener during The Joshua Tree-tour and maybe the Lovetown Tour. for ZooTV/Zooropa/Zoomerang (1992-1993) the opener was Zoo Station for the Popmart-tour (1997-1998) Mofo was the opener for the Elevation-tour (2001) Elevation was the first song for The Vertigo Tour (2005-2006) U2 had different openers (City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Love and peace or else)
  9. 'Play it all night long' from Warren Zevon refers to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd. "Sweet home Alabama" Play that dead band's song Turn those speakers up full blast Play it all night long
  10. Yep. I'm not gonna collect them all, though. Some albums I already have and some I'm not interested in.
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