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Why do Americans celebrate 5 de Mayo? I thought it was a mexican holiday...

1. Another reason to party

2. It always falls on the 5th of May

3. Sponsored by your friends at Taco Bell

4. Have you seen how many Mexicans live here?

5. Ownership of Corona stock

6. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

7. National bullfighting contests (oh, that isn't us)

8. Sammy Hagar told us to celebrate

9. In honor of the time that RonJon got stopped at the Mexican border and was almost denied entry back into California.

10. Yet another reason to party

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ATTENTION:---Spokeo.com is a new online

phone book w/personal information: pictures you've posted on FB or web,

your approx credit score, home value, income, age, etc. Remove your

listing by first searching for yourself on their site to find the URL of

your page, then going to the Privacy button on the bottom ...of the...ir

page to remove yourself. Copy & repost Fb Family! Please Read!!!!!

The info they had on me and mine was inaccurate, but my address , and real name was spot on :(

I did as suggested( thank you Joe :D ) but I also know, that didn't really fix the problem :(

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no, sadly it doesn't fix the problem. Even if you've never signed up or done anything on the Internet outside of sending e-mail, they'll still get you. Jeff's business listing shows a photo of his house. Looks like it was taken by someone standing in the street using a bubble lens. And it's not an ad he paid for nor requested, but I just googled one of the services his company offers (scoping out the competition, don'tcha know) and this ad pops up on Dex or something, with the photo of his house. Weird. And very, very creepy.

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It is,. My mother in law (81 yrs old) was also listed and she has never been online.

I so wish our property was worth over 1 mil+ like they say, we'd sell it in a heart beat. Their off at least 800k :(

Just our luck :laughing:

But the other stuff( my real name is very uncommon and they even spelled it right :puppyeyes: ) scares the frick outta me and they know where I live :o

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Uncle Joe is the one one that brought it to my att. on FB. I just thought it would be a good idea to post here as well.

I was shocked at what I saw posted about me. Even if it was inaccurate. They know where I freakin live for pity's sake and I'm sure their not the only one's.

Small fish in a very large pond :(

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