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YOUR Top Guitarists


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I know this is a list that magazines have done to death, but this list is too personal for me to read from a magazine. Who are your favorite guitarists, or guitarists you just think are amazing?

Mine, in no paticular order:

- Brian May

- Eric Clapton

- Steve Ray Vaughn

- Chuck Berry

- Keith Richards

- Prince

- Slash

- Jimi Hendrix

- Joe Perry

- Billy Corgan

- Bo Diddily

- Tom Petty

- Angus Young

I also think, on a side note, that Steve Ray Vaughn is wayyyyy underrated, that dude could shred a guitar. I've never heard jazz guitar played the way he did it, shame all these amazing guitarists die young...

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Alot of them have been mentioned already...I saw Lindsey Buckingham on TV awhile ago, and after all these years, he can still kick some major butt on that guitar...You don't hear about him mentioned too often...but I like him alot as a guitarist and singer...

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