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YOUR Top Guitarists


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Keep in mind, these are just guitarists you really enjoy or appreicate, not ones you think are technially sound or can play amazing.

I listed Tom Petty as one of mine, not because he revolutionized guitar or anything, but because I just really enjoy his guitar work. It's nothing I couldn't play if I practiced a day or two (and I'm below average at best) but I just love it...

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In order:

1 - Stevie Ray Vaughan

2 - Frank Marino

3 - Gary Richrath

4 - Jake E. Lee

5 - Johnny Winter

6 - John, Paul, & George

7 - Jimi Hendrix

8 - Kim Mitchell

9 - Joe Satriani

10 - Jimmy Page

11 - David Gilmour

12 - Frank Zappa

13 - Angus Young

14 - Ted Nugent

15 - Randy Rhoads

16 - Alvin Lee

17 - Ritchie Blackmore

18 - Gary Moore

19 - Joe Walsh

20 - Jan Akkerman

21 - Mick Box

22 - Brian May

23 - Nuno Bettencourt

24 - José Feliciano

25 - Tom Morello

26 - Steve Cropper

27 - Vivian Campbell

28 - Roy Clark

29 - Claudio Sanchez

30 - Lonnie Johnson

31 - Eddie Lang

32 - Paul Kossoff

33 - Dave Mustaine

34 - Mick Rogers

35 - Mark Farner

I'm still working on list ;)

Who you won't find on my list (at least in top 50-100 or so) -

Please remember - there are no 'bad' guitarists. It's just some guitarists leaves nothing to the palate.

Slash - vastly overrated that 99% of solos are Joe Perry. In other words, nothing original.

Eric Clapton - Save a couple of tunes, he's done nothing for me. There was a DVD I saw of him live doing some blues and he was quite impressive but that aside, he still bores me.

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The question was 'Your Top Guitarists.' Those three should be number one but I've done this list (long ago - the top 5 have been that way for about seven years) with just thinking 'guitar', and not necessarily the style, albums, etc.

For 20 years or more, Frank Marino was my fav. It wasn't until around 8 years ago or so that I realized how much SRV puts in every single note of his 'fills' and 'solos' that just rips through me.

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