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  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan Dave Gilmour
  2. Well, definitely not one of the 'best' bands, but certainly one of the most influential bands of the 70's was KISS. It's a dubious honor, though, because what they spawned was 80's big hair metal. There's no denying it, though. Hundreds of teenage boys picked up guitars because they wanted to be Ace Frehley or Paul Stanley. Those boys in the late 70's became the 80's Quiet Riots, Warrents, Poisons, Ratts, Motley Crues, Cinderellas, Skid Rows, etc, etc, etc. Aside from a few pretty good guitarists, this genre provided absoluely nothing to the evolution of rock and roll. The
  3. these are all great songs, especially the Captain and Tennille. If you listen to just the keyboards, and break down the two parts, it's really quite funky.
  4. Lenny Kravitz's influences are very apparent in his music, and he touches on several genres. The 60's and 70's were his molding years, and that's what he reminds me of when I hear him. Rock with a true funk underbelly. He's a very, very good musician. If I were to start a band, he'd be my bass player, for sure. Melodic, but with a funky sound and a punch in the gut power. As far as guilty pleasures, I'd say the Carpenters and Jim Croce. Karen had a beautiful voice, and Jim Croce was a brilliant songwriter. Operator is, to this day, one song that actually puts a lump in my throat.
  5. A great Robert Johnson song. Zep's 'The Lemon Song' also has some of Johnson's lyrics, word for word. As far as unlikely favorites, the Battle of Evermore has always been a favorite of mine, along with 'In my Time of Dying'
  6. This is perfectly true, of course. I was just pointing out the irony, I suppose.
  7. Namaste, friends. I'm going to start this thread, wherein each week, I will post a One Hit Wonder. It's always been my favorite part of the music scene. While the Fleetwood Macs and Elton Johns and Doobs and Eagles were maintaining their places at the top of the charts, along come those odds and ends, on the fringes of the music world, to unseat the perrenial chart toppers for a while. Sometimes they would hit the top ten, maybe even number one. Then, just as quickly, they were gone, if not from music, from the charts. It always fascinated me. And, there a lot of them. Really, rea
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