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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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Dude looks like a lady....

So part of my job is to teach my residents how to be independent in the community...I took one of my residents shopping so he could look for a certain Wii game he wanted to buy. We looked through all of what they had, couldn't find it. My resident says to me "maybe you should ask one of the sales clerks if they have it" so I said how about you asking if they have it? he said "okay I see someone right there, I will ask." He walks up the sales clerk, who was facing the shelves stocking them up and says "excuse me miss do you have....and the sales clerk turns around and my resident says "Oh I'm sorry, I mean sir"..... :laughing:

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No nuts about it!

Sooooo last week I took my residents out for ice-cream. The Ice-cream parlor was packed, so we went through the drive thru at McDonalds to get a Sundae. After we got our sundaes and I'm driving away, one of the guys said "Hey, they forgot my nuts!, Laurie, you need to go back and get my nuts! So trying to keep a straight face and not laugh..I asked if he could just have his sundae without the nuts....but nooooo he absolutely had to have them..This resident has a habit of repeating himself...so I pretty much heard the phrases "I don't have any nuts" I can't believe they forgot my nuts"..OMG I tried so hard not to laugh....so the good staff that I am, I turned around to get them...I'm thinking to myself sooooo what do I say? "You forgot my nuts?" and then I just put it this way...excuse me, could I please have a packet of the nut topping...yeah, that sounded so much better...LOL...gotta love my job!

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