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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jenny, I know what you mean. Sometimes a not-too-good-thing can be seen as a good one... :) I'm not out of work, I just sprained my foot three weeks ago so I'm home too...

...so I try to enjoy it. ;)

I hope you'll get a new job soon, if that's the case :) and I hope I'm not fired myself... :P

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Ryan, I am so happy that you're taking such an active role in the plans. Most men figure it's the woman's dream wedding so they'd better just get out of the way and let it happen - which is a wise decision in many instances.

But you're doing things that will help your bride focus on other things, and together your wedding will be wonderful. My heart is full knowing there are still guys out there that aren't afraid to step up and take part. Bravo to you. :)

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Well, during '76 - '80 I had 300 customers a month in Brentwood and Bel Air, seeing 15 a day + emergency calls.

Usually we'd spray outside for 5 months and then 1 month come inside and spray around.

Lot's of entertainment industry types and celebs.

Some you would never see - like Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Streisand, Ronald Reagan,

but I did get to talk to Nancy at the front door(he was the only estate with visible surveillence cameras around the house).

One time at Angie Dickerson's house, I was talking to the maid in the kitchen about some bug problem

and in she walks, in a bathrobe, looks like just after waking up, with no makeup and she crys out

"Oh, no one's suppose to see me like this!" But she looked fine.

Some celebs I got to meet at the front door like Ernest Borgnine, Lloyd Nolan, Robert Conrad.

Plenty of PR trying to explain why there's lot's of bugs and rodents up against the hills & canyons of Los Angeles.

More tales later...


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Well, I'm a long way from finishing the wedding invitations, but I am happy to report that I finished the "save the date" refrigerator magnets.


I love this Ryan :) Your fiance is a very lucky girl to have a guy do something like that ;)

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I need to know more....

More tales...

One time at Johnny Carson's house I'm spraying out by the back house and I hear drums a-blazing.

I've never, ever seen anybody there but this time I work my way toward the back window and look in and see Johnny drumming away.

But 10 seconds later he confronts me and asks what I'm doing.

I tell him I'm his bugman and express profuse apologies for intruding on his privacy.

He accepts and goes back to drumming and I finish up sheepishly.

I'm at Mel Torme's house and the maid says go spray the inside of the guest house.

Well, I walk in and Mel's sitting on the bed.

After I tell him who I was, he laments about being banished to the guest house and probably an impending divorce.

I try to console him that life has it's up and downs, blah, blah, blah.

One time I crossed paths and spoke a little with renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz at his estate out by the garage.


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