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Fun Facts About The End of the World.


Things Get Bad: At least according to the Book of Revelation, things will be very bad indeed. Weeping, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, blood in the streets, etc. All of this will occur during "the Tribulation [wiki]."

And Then: the Second Coming of Christ, wherein Christ - to quote the Nicene Creed - "comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead."

Until: the Rapture [wiki], wherein all Christians (or at least good ones, depending on your particular denomination) are moved from earth directly to heaven with no dying or passing Go.


Things Get Bad: The Last Judgment in Islam is known as the Qiyamah [wiki]. At a time of God’s choosing - no one knows when - Jesus (yes, that Jesus) will come down from heaven, end all wars, and kill ad-Dajjal [wiki] (Islam’s equivalent to an Antichrist).

And Then: Each and every person who ever lived will be bodily resurrected and judged by God. Those found wanting will be sent to hell either temporarily or permanently; those who have been good and faithful go to heaven.

Until: No, that’s it, actually. For the record, most Muslims do believe that some "People of the Book," that is, Christians and Jews, will also get to heaven.


Things Get Bad: The end of days [wiki], or acharit hayamim, will be marked by conflict and tumult. When? Well, the Talmud states that the world will only last 6,000 years - so many Orthodox Jews believe the world as we’ve always known it will end in 2240 CE.

And Then: All of Israel’s enemies will be defeated, the twice-destroyed Temple will be rebuilt [wiki], the dead will be resurrected, and the Jewish Messiah will become King of Israel.

Until: God intervenes in the Battle of Armageddon, saving the Jews, evil leaves the world, and earth becomes perfect. It’s like Belinda Carlisle song: "They say in heaven love comes first/We’ll make heaven a place on earth."


Things Get Bad: According to the Buddhist holy scripture, the Tipitaka, we’ll know the end of the world is coming when morality disappears and people start following the "10 Amoral Concepts." Those concepts? Theft, violence, murder, lying, evil speaking, adultery, idle talk, covetousness, greed, and perverted lust. Um, uh-oh.

And Then: Once morality disappears, things will degenerate into misery.

Until: A Buddha named Maitreya (known in English as the "future Buddha"), the successor to the Buddha we all know and love, will arrive on earth and begin teaching the pure Dharma.


Things Get Bad: Most Hindus believe that we are currently living in Kali Yuga [wiki], the Iron Age, or age of darkness. Unfortunately for us, that means that evil is on the upswing. Eventually, Vishnu will become incarnate for the 10th and final time. By then, karma will have been completely turned on its head, with good people suffering needlessly and the evil rising to ranks of power.

And Then: Shiva [wiki], "the Destroyer," will dissolve the evil and corrupt universe. And then, because all things are cyclical, the universe will simultaneously be reborn.

Until: We start getting evil again and get ourselves into another age of darkness. Most Hindus are careful not to put an exact time frame on eschatological matters. If you do, you can end up looking awfully foolish …

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well, it's the End of the World, isn't it? :P

btw, am I the only one who thinks that it's very interesting that Jesus will be the redeemer in Islam too?

No it's the end of curruption, greed, pain, tears, sickness, Death, parting, blood shed, battles, soul loss, evil, temptation and a whole lot more. This world is but a waiting room for the perfect one that God is making us...(Metaphore)

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It's funny... Islam and Christianity are probably the most closely bound religions I've ever come across. Many Christian saints make an appearance in the Quoran. From what I know, the angel Gabriel plays an important role. And the name 'Abraham'? Many of my friends pronounce it 'Ibrahim'... the Muslim variant.

Not funny as much as ironic.

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I wonder how how heaven is supposed to be that different. On earth it's man who ruins the world with corruption, greed, sickness and all the stuff you mentioned, but heaven will be crowded with people too...:crazy:

In heaven There shall be no sin or temptation ect ect. It was sin and temptation that brought this world down. The triumphant ones shall enter heaven to claim their crowns and to drink for the spring of eternal life... :crazy: I belive

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Got off a plane to the countryside,

I drove to the mountain and holding the ground

There was crack on the corner and someone dead,

and fire coming out of the monkey's head

Don't get lost in heaven

They got locks on the gate

Don't go over the edge

you'll make a big mistake

Put me in a cab to suburbia

I just took a line but I wasn't with you

There was more of it there, when I got back home

But you had left me,you don't know my soul...

You're a whole bad mistake,yeah,you're a whole one...

Don't get lost in heaven

They got locks on the gate

Don't go over the edge

you'll make a big mistake

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