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Eh... who would want to put our posts on myspace? :stars: I wouldn't... :crazy:

And even if someone did... so what? I didn't really make my credit card details or address public...

And I highly doubt we'll be arrested just because we post lyrics from time to time. :P

Yes, Martin, go ahead and explain! :grin:

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I need to figure out how this syndicatation works and whether it's works and I'm not sure it's safe here for me. Anyone use Ad-Watch, Ad-Aware?



If it's SAFE for you here? Are you serious?? :stars: :stars: :stars:

Do you ever leave your house? Well, don't. You might be run over by a car you know.

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I would like to try to explain it to you, but I have one small problem...

I have no idea what you're talking about :stars:

could you maybe phrase your question in one or two sentences? :P

As I said, no one has the taken the time to explain this to me, but I'll figure it out eventually. Go look at Farins site - I just glanced, but I think he has the right idea - w3c.org, tect links, links to look at Google ads. Doubleclick caused HUGE problems for innocent people in the 90's.

umm, huh? are you sure we're talking about the same person here? :stars:

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Right now, Kevin is the user that has responded most to me and and I appreciate it and I told him this - just bad timing. We talked about this plenty, so don't get the wrong idea about him. I don't worry about him.

you are far, far too late for that... :grin:

P.s. - To who ever asked, I'm NOT interested in unsoliticted advice, either.

Sarcasm: "a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance."

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I have honestly HONESTLY tried to figure out what your message is, and your fear about SF, and I just can't. My brain doesn't work that way.

By the same token, we are a very non-serious group, and when someone who is hyper-serious penetrates our joviality, we treat it with our standard wisecracks. You've got to have a thick skin to exist here. And I mean that in the most serious sense.

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