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Most Ethereal Songs


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"ethereal" is one thing, "earthy / spiritual" quite another... :beatnik:

However, if we're talking "ethereal" here, well the classic band to fit this description were The Cocteau Twins. It almost became a running gag that every review of theirs had to contain the word "ethereal". In music journalese, the word seemed to have been invented for The Cocteaus.

I've a few of their albums, my absolute favourite being "Victorialand" which is just astoundingly superb: I'd recommend it to anybody.*

(*except johnnyguitar, as he'd inevitably know a better one) ;)

Whether it's their most "ethereal", though, I wouldn't like to say...

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Dire Straits Brothers In Arms

"Ethereal": consisting of ether, heavenly, airy, spirit-like....

Chambers English Dictionary

Sorry to seem picky here...Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms may be many things- in fact I'm sure it is- but I'm not sure "ethereal" is one of them. 'Course, I know this is only my opinion, but still....


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Hey Blind-Fitter.

If you listen to Brothers In Arms it sort of has that whispy sound of wind sweeping over a battle field.

Check out these hevenly lyrics

Now the sun's gone to hell and the moon lights riding high.

Let me bid you farewell, everyman has to die.

But its written in the starlight and everyline in your palm

We are fools to make war on our brothers in arm.

Not to argue with you,but that has some heavenly meanings. By the way I agree with your Enya comments. She is one of my wife's favorites.


Marshall University, 1971

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Fair dos then. I must admit I thought you meant the album rather than a specific track,(hence my surprise) and confess that Dire Straits is a band I've never given much time to...so ...mmm yeah, that track might well be somewhat "ethereal". Anyways, I liked the lyrical quote you cited; it surprised me pleasantly. Maybe I should give Mr Knopfler and Co. another chance????

Which of my "Enya comments" did you agree with? I can't recall (or imagine) saying anything particularly complimentary about Enya: only suggested to Foxy that once she hears The Cocteau Twins she may never wish to listen to Enya again.

So were you agreeing that "The Cocteaux" (thanks johnnyg) are infinitely superior to Enya (as I was obliquely hinting)?!

As it happens guys and galz, I'm still waiting for "Foxy Feedback" on The Cocteau Twins....(drums fingers impatiently)

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It was probably Foxy that mentioned Enya; I believe she's a big fan.

The Cocteau Twins were a "shimmering & ethereal" band from the UK, formed early 80s and continued on well into the 90s. they put out plenty of music during that time and there are a couple of "compilation CDs" that might serve as a good introductions to them. My favourite album of theirs which I've already strongly recommended earlier in this thread, is called "Victorialand": that's where I recommend you start, as I find it astonishingly beautiful...

(When i abbreviate their name to "The Cocteaux", this is but a little jest in acknowledgement of the enormously witty johnnyguitar)

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