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Most Ethereal Songs


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As it happens guys and galz, I'm still waiting for "Foxy Feedback" on The Cocteau Twins....(drums fingers impatiently)

Sorry b-f, I've not gotten round to it yet. Bit of a funny weekend.

Suggest some tracks and I shall listen tonight! Promise...

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Yes, but any tracks imparticular? I'm not going to be able to get the album here tonight, but I can listen to some tracks if I know which ones you think are particularly good.

No matter, I'll look. Maybe I didn't read your post correctly, I don't know, I'm not going to re-read it now. Was just asking.

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Hawaiian music is full of symbolism, images, and comparisons with natural elements, especially in place- and name-songs. Here's one that brought a Hula teacher to prominence in the 1980's.

"Ka Wai Lehua 'A'ala Ka Honua"

Ke iho la ka ua

The rain descends

Halihali na lehua o luna

Bearing Lehua blossoms from above

Helele'i pua i ke kai

Falling into the sea

Hula le'a na Lehua i ka moana

The Lehua blossoms dance playfully upon the waves

He kupa la ka ua i ke kai

The rain is no stranger to the sea

Ke ho'i hou e aloha mai

As it returns once more to share its love

He mele nou e ku'u lani

A song for you, my heavenly one


The Lehua waters (the rain) that pefumes the earth

Composed by Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

(Appears on "Malie" by The Peter Moon Band)

Is this an ethereal song? It's become part of the standard Hula repertoire since. :guitar:

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Cut and pasted this review I found (at random) on the web; just in case anybody thinks I'm pulling your leg about The Cocteau Twins

I must admit I am a new fan of Scotland's group the Cocteau Twins, but already I have fallen in total love with their dream-like, almost opium-dazed music. I was introduced to the CT with their BBC sessions collection and was drawn-in to the strange sounds. Like an odd mix of New Wave, The Cure, and ambient music, the CT drew me into an almost heavenly world where everything is pure. I then went out to purchase "Victorialand" and much to my surprise, I was stunned even more. Robin Guthrie composing beautiful landscapes of lush flowers and all that is happy, and Elizabeth Fraser's angelic voice like a beacon of light...like a moth that is drawn to the flame, "Victorialand" entrances the listener to be pulled into a light-filled world where everything is at peace and your only worry is being pulled out of the beautiful plane that it is. Truly one of the best albums to mellow-out and cool-off to. I honestly cannot see any filler songs here buy my personal favorites are "Lazy Calm", "Whales Tails", and "The Thinner The Air". The rest just flow into each other like a chronological story of pure grace that happens whenever everything seems right. Nirvana-like, and almost spiritual, "Victorialand" is a masterpiece of Ambient and beautiful music. Highly recommended!

Not the best piece of writing you'll ever read, but you get the idea about The Cocteaus....

(Btw,..when the writer says "Nirvana-like" he is referring to "spiritual bliss" rather than Kurt Cobain et al...)

Unfortunately I can't remember the title of their "Singles Collection", though you could easily find out by checking Amazon. However some of their best singles include: "Pearly Dewdrops Drops", "Sugar Hiccup" "Aikea Guinea". Listen to anything by them, its bound to be pretty good...Liz Fraser has the most wonderful voice you ever heard.... :bow: :bow: :bow:

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