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Favourite The Who Song?

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I had a few of their 45s in the 60s. Substitute is my favorite. It's just a GREAT Song - even the Sex Pistols agreed with me.

Nobody * ever gives Happy Jack a mention. I know it's light compared to some of their other songs, but it's supposed to be. Give it a closer listen. It's a fine Pop/ Rock Song. I prefer it to some of their "darker" material such as Baba O'Reilly.

* Correction - N.Y. Mets did.


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I couldn't tell you how ANY of those go; maybe if I heard them...I know some of the titles from Albums. I'm not a very big Who fan - sorry.


^^ Same as Old 55! I don't know many Who songs, even though I have a double disc Greatest Hits here I haven't spent time listening to it!

You're sure missing something then. ;)

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Thats a tough one, so I will give you favorites off of a few of their albums.

The Kids Are Alright - A Quick One

Who Are You- Trick Of The Light

Who's Next- Love Aint For Keeping

Quadrophenia- The Real Me

Who By Numbers- Dreaming From The Waist (as evidenced by my sig.)

Tommy- Were Not Going To Take It

There are soooo many more. The Who, The Beatles and X are the only bands that I can bring up the lyrics from the top of my head for most of their songs.

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My favorite British band. As others mentioned, it is hard to pick out one favorite song. If I had to I would probably say Dr. Jimmy. There is also Love Reign O'er Me, The Punk Meets The Godfather, 5:15 and so on. For those of you who know the Who know I am going with songs from Quadrophenia because that may just be their best album ever. I would also put that album in the top ten of all time classic rock albums.

While Tommy set the standard for rock operas, Quadrophenia came across with a more controversial subject as well as it being more reflective of the Who's audience. So which are you, a Mod or a Rocker?

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