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How cold is it where you are?


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Only 72 here (switched it to fahrenheit for all the Americans who can't comprehend celsius/centigrade of 22). It's just room temp here because of the cloud cover. It's nice! No sweating! :grin:

Shawna, you should consider moving here... :laughing:

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I'm clawing my way through a record hot summer. In May we set all kinds of records for heat, and now that June is here, it doesn't seem much different. Although June is pretty typically hot, it doesn't usually get insanely hot until August. This year, it's insanely hot two months early. :mad: :mad:

next 5-days' forecast:

Friday 109

Saturday 109

Sunday 106

Monday 106

Tuesday 108


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No. But it is what Springsteen was experiencing when he wrote, "Oh oh oh, I'm on fire!"

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

I thought he wrote the song about Richard Pryor.

Hey little girl, this afternoon

Let's take a little coke and burn it on a spoon

Oh, Oh, wanna take you higher

Wo, Oh, Oh, I'm On Fire


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Wow Rahdi... that's above average temperatures, even for the monsoon season! :o

Doesn't it usually go to approx. 30c around this time? (Depending on where exactly you are in India) :crazy:

Your answer is in the question. India's not exactly homogeneous in terms of geography or culture.

In the south, sure, there are only a few places it ever goes above 35-38c (coastal, near equator). The plateau region probably gets hotter.

In the central, north-central where there are plains (me) we get 2-3 months of steady 40+ degree dry heat before the monsoon shows up. It's just hit Bombay and we had our premonsoon showers a couple of weeks ago, so it should be on its way.

In the north, with the mountains, of course, it's mostly quite cool. The hottest it'll get is slightly over 30 (hello, Himalayas)

Similarly in the north-east, it's usually cool and damp and prone to floods. There's a town that floods without fail every year because it's surrounded by mountains on all sides. Thar be tea here.

But the broadest belt stays at this incessant 40-45 temperature every year. We put up with it because it's also mango season (I had 6 today :grin:)

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