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How cold is it where you are?


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Marc, It turns out that you were right. The moon was simply on fire. Fortunately, the monsoon-like rains that have fallen put the fire out quickly. We went right back to this ridiculous weather pattern. It is rainy, cool, and severe depression is setting in all around the area. This has gone on for week upon week.There is strange new vegetation growing that must be native to rain forests. I need the warmth of the sun.

The silver (or should I say blue) lining to all the rain:

Blueberry harvest thrives in rainy N.J. weather

by The Associated Press

HAMMONTON -- Rain that has left many New Jersey residents feeling blue has helped produce large, plump blueberries in the Garden State.

South Jersey farmers are scrambling to harvest the crop. They hope the rain eases before the fruit starts to swell and split.

New Jersey has seen on and off showers and thunderstorms over the past two weeks, and the next few days should continue that trend. Today's partly sunny and above-80 temperatures are expected to give way to more showers and possible thunderstorms through Sunday night, according to the National Weather Service.

But farmers hope the non-stop rain produces better blueberries -- and better business.

Anthony Berenato of Mohawk Farms in Hammonton said this year's starting prices for blueberries match the lowest price of the previous three years. That's $13.50 per box of 12 pints.

The farms have also been flooded with job applicants during the recession, including educated adults who lost their jobs.

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This is an upside to the recession , I think . People who previously felt entitled to ridiculous salaries and perks as cubicle/office cogs ( or otherwise ) doing relatively little 'work' , comparatively, will learn to appreciate and get some perspective regarding those who bust their butts for a few dollars an hour -and truly earning every dime the hard way .

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