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  1. I'd offer to trade you, Shawna, but I know you hate the cold even more. When we were in Hawaii last year, I was chatting with a guy from Australia and I asked him why he was there in December...after all, it is summer for them at that time. He said Australians often go other places to escape the dreadful heat.
  2. 24C (75F)...nice and sunny and not too hot.
  3. It's -31C or -24F, with windchill that's -42C or -44F. We just got back from two weeks in Hawaii, so not really expecting a whole lot of sympathy. Do you miss this weather, Kevin?
  4. The school buses won't run if the temperature is too extreme - they don't want to risk it breaking down in the middle of no where with a load of students on board. Several times a year, our garbage trucks don't run because the extreme temps wreak havoc with the hydraulics. It is getting down to -35C/-31F tonight and with windchill factored in will feel like -47C/-52F.
  5. I live in Saskatoon, Shawna. It's warmed up a bit, only -25C now.
  6. This isn't a competition I want to win!
  7. I'm going to post my weather so that ALL of you (unless you live in Siberia) can feel better about your present location: -29C or -20F and if we factor in windchill it feels like -38C or -36F
  8. 12C right now, supposed to get to 20C later. It was a cool summer; we only really got some heat last week, when it was time for the kids to go back to school.
  9. Same here, Marc...just one left. I don't know whether I needed them extracted either; I used to go to a crook dentist and he saw dollar signs at every opportunity. My husband still has them all, and plans to keep it that way at all costs! Jenny, I know someone born without wisdom teeth and she married a man with two sets! How's that for a match made in heaven...too bad he's such a SOB.
  10. I have the opposite problem, Marc. It finally got up to 10C here. This morning was -1C and over the past couple of days, we've had SNOW.
  11. edna, We're looking for a new computer as well. The kids have been complaining about both ours being too slow... I just put a 1 TB internal hard drive into the newest one, along with upgrading to 4 GB memory and a new graphics card a few months back... I'm sure you can still purchase Windows XP; with all the perceived trouble with Vista, I know Dell was offering an option to load with XP. This was a year or so ago, so that might have changed. If I had really simple computer needs, I would probably get a Mac, but the kids are heavy into gaming and I think PC's are better for that application.
  12. True You suffer from seasonal allergies.
  13. False. My teenage daughter (the cause of most of my angst these days) is out with a friend. You like British television programs more than American.
  14. Top Ten Signs That You Are Spending Too Much Time on the Computer. 10. The only fresh air you've had this month is from opening the door for the pizza guy. 9. You attempt to [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] your children. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  15. Happy Birthday, Martin. I hope I'm not too late...I somehow don't think so, since last year's birthday celebrations lasted for months!
  16. impersonating Charles Nelson
  17. Mars88

    Who is that?

    MC, That looks like Nelly Furtado. If that's correct, someone can post a picture for me.
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