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Henry David

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and how on earth can one have 27000 posts

It´s very easy... :cool:

1) being around for 3 or 4 years.

2) being a lazy housewife for the first two years...

...plus, if you lived in the music scene for most of your life and want to improve your English... not to talk about the amazing people you will find here :thumbsup: love-smiley-019.gif

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I'm still new :P

what's with the fishy ranks btw? :P

and how on earth can one have 27000 posts o_O

it's not my goal to get the highest rank here, don't get me wrong, but i'm just wondering^^

the titles are just a fun way to keep track on how many posts you have

they are:

0 tadpole

26 guppie

51 goldfish

101 frog

301 flounder

501 lobster

751 marlin

901 sea anemone

1101 sea turtle

1501 seahorse

1801 starfish

2001 dolphin

3001 yellowfin

4001 octopus

5001 sea otter

7001 orca

10001 land shark


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Hi, I'm Tony Baloni! I'm interested in film and music, and really, all forms of art and entertainment. I host a local access show called the Baloni Zone, check it out sometime!

I'm a big fan of Tim and Eric, and I listen to all different kinds of music. I'm excited to be a part of the Songfacts community!

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I have lurked on this site for quite a while...I figured it was time I joined in.

I have to say, my taste in music is quite mundane. My teenage daughter thinks it is really square, but I like groups like CCR, Supertramp, etc...She has Britney Spear's new song Piece of Me on a loop...so you be the judge!

Oh, BTW, I live in Canada...Saskatchewan to be exact.

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