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Henry David

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My baloney has a first name

it's O S C A R

my baloney has a secodn name

it's M A Y E R

oh I love to eat it every day

and if you ask me why, I'll say

'Cause Oscar Mayer has a way

with B O L O G N A

Well thanks Shawna. This is my favorite all time jingle, and the worst earworm for me ever. I'll be singing this all day now! :)

Welcomes to Tony Baloni, and to Mars88. Glad you could join us. Mars, please don't call your taste square.... CCR and Supertramp are a couple of my favorites! ;)

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That's nothing, by this summer it'll be 38 c with the humidity making it feel like 48 above. It happens every year.

During that cold snap the weather at the corner of Portage and Main (our famous windy corner) was -56 with the windchill and the wind gusts were reaching near 95 km. No schools were closed during that cold snap. I'm glad I'm on disability and I don't need to leave the house! :laughing:

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Hi fellow music fans! I'm Shelly and i am 35 years old and i live in Minnesota. My favorite kind of music is rock but i like a little bit of other kinds. My favorite eras are 70's,80's,90's,and new stuff. I joined this site because I can talk about music 24/7 (lol literally,sometimes i get so carried away i can't make myself go to bed!) so its good to be here and i hope i make a few friends. I love to email and chat so if anybody wants to add me to msn (thats all i have) my email address is ivy26@webtv.net I would love to talk to other fans of the bands i like (my favorite bands are listed on my homepage http://community.webtv.net/ivy26 ) and maybe there's some people in here from Minnesota too,that'd be cool then we can find some shows to go to together! :-)

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Welcome Shelly!

I'm alot like you! I love talking rock all day and night! I listen to music all the time! I'm sure you'll find the Songfactors to be a great family (some have a strange sense of humor, but you'll discover who they are).

:bow: WELCOME :bow:

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