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  1. John Waters looks like Steve Buscemi; Chad Smith looks like Will Ferrell; Any other celebrity lookalikes who are also celebrities that you can think of?
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    Hammond M3

    Hey, does anybody know how to do some mods to an M3? I'm trying to add foldback, manual tapering, 1/4 inch jack, and drop the octave on the lower manual. If anybody knows even the slightest bit of info on any of these mods, I'd really appreciate it!!
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    Mutant Dogs From Hell

    Mutant Dogs From Hell recording It’s a beautiful morning but I can’t help like feeling that all of me isn’t here to enjoy it smoking a chlorine soaked cigarette speeding up the rate at which i’m burnin to death Why do we torture our minds? Why do we leave everything we love behind? It’s a beautiful day Everyone’s got important places they wanna go, and they’re all on their way The Sun is up in the sky Burnin so bright that hurts, yet part of me wishes I was that high Why do we torture our minds? Why do we leave everything we learn behind? It’s a beautiful midnight The club is alive with the rush of endorphins gushing through every synapse but mine And the girls are sirens Working the curves like a surrealization of all of your most fervent Desires I think back to the evening, when I was Anticipating, now sitting and waiting for someone to come, stop me from leaving the comfort of unexplained bliss, to the throes where the mildew grows on the frozen pipes that rattle and twist We are the Mutant Dogs from Hell Barkin at those who we think have the power to release us into the magic spell
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    Heretics of Suburbia

    What do you say, to the heretics of suburbia Who call to your soul, but you shun them in fear of a bourgeoisie curbstomp What do you say? Wait by window tonight and we’ll slip away Why are we still here? With our fear of decay and decay in our fear How could this be so hard? Start a band, hatch a plan, and escape through the backyard I’ll die if I leave, but I’ll only grieve if I stay, where Boredom depletes you, and Laughter defeats you, and Love is just something you say Leptons and gluons in celibate hard-ons, who say that it’s hard to pay due, but they do what they can, to afford their McMansions and one-story ranches in neighborhood flavored with neighbors who savor the bland What can you say? Meet me tonight down the street and we’ll run away What would you say, if I said babe the cars runnin, let’s leave today cause we may die if we leave, but we’ll only grieve if we stay, where Boredom depletes you, and Laughter defeats you, and Love is just something you say What would you say, if I said Pack your bags darling, we’re leavin today from where Boredom depletes you, and Laughter defeats you, and Love is just something you say What do you say to the heretics of suburbia, who call to your soul
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    Just A Little Cliché

    Here's the recording Never be afraid to be yourself And when I say yourself, I mean your true self Not the drive-thru meditations of men with powerpoint presentations, and then they ask you to buy their book to save your soul But the words of unpaid yogis, who know that what we know is nothing, so awareness comes free of a toll Never stop believing in your god The thing behind the linguistic facade See with the eyes beyond the face, transcend the labels of time and place, don’t let an idea hold you down Trapped in the orbit of a star, if you forget where you are, just open wide and look around Save your money and save your soul Freedom comes without a toll No idea can hold you down Open wide and look around, you’re in an ongoing explosion of light and sound Always keep your head up to the West Even if the winds upon your chest push harder than you know you could, soon the seeds will turn to wood, and the wood will split and rot away, and You’ll be there to turn over the dirt, and dirty up your pristine shirt, you pray will last you just one more day
  6. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    hello!? what everyone is forgetting is that they totally left it open for a spinoff. of where Hurley and Ben guard the island. The perfect mix of light hearted comic relief and profound intensity. Plus I'm sure THAT is where all the science fiction questions will be answered...
  7. Tony Baloni

    Entropy Is The Dichotomy

    Song is here Entropy is the dichotomy of what is and what could be (repeat until the heat death of the universe)
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    The Distant Evil Future Is Now Here

    Wow, thank man, I really appreciate that you put so much into interpreting this. That's just the thing though, there is no such thing as an objective right way to be responsible adult. It's all relative to your culture. And when you transcend you culture, and realize you don't wanna play this game because it's no fun and nobody wins in the end, you just wanna be happy for yourself. I was originally continue this song and have each verse be sung from an older perspective, but still not ever ready to truly accept the arbitrary rules externally imposed on his own existence. And the last verse was going to be about not wanting to accept your impending death. But that would've been too much work. Its just not fair =p Thanks for that write up! I'm glad you got so much out of it =)
  9. Sprint helped me write this song by sending me to a collection agency. So now I probably owe them royalties too. Anyway, here's my rough recording: The Distant Evil Future Is Now Here I remember summer was so much brighter way back then It was never over, yet we’d do it again Didn’t forsee the longing for the things we didn’t know exist Like the touch of a woman, or spitting out the eucharist I’m not ready for this, I’m just a kid Out of place With a 20 year old face I don’t even recall signing up at all Inherent beauty is now replaced by things I think I can try to mute it with the sound of another drink Farther from the magic, and somehow closer to the trick The distant evil future is now here, and it makes me sick I’m not ready for this, I’m just a kid Out of place With a 20 year old face I don’t even recall signing up at all ................................. Thanks for reading/listening!
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    ....were you the one who sent it in?
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    Also, did anybody see the poem that that guy sent in? Roses are red, violets are blue, 4 8 15 16 23 42
  12. Tony Baloni

    The Distant Evil Future Is Now Here

    Aw man, I love your photo
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    but i don't know who i am anymore.... also, i'm actually back in detroit, i just never changed it back haha.
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    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    Haha I know, exactly. Somebody said that exact same thing in one of the final transmissions last night, and I totally related, cause I've always said the same thing. Lost was the first nerdy obsession I've ever had.
  15. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    I seriously think I might have to start going to Lost conventions.
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    Dude I've felt lost all day. Literally.
  17. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    Yeah really! Season 6 lacked a lot of the magic and focused a lot on the plot aspect of it. But this finale, it felt like I was watching a season 1 episode.
  18. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    It really really was. And the more I think about it, it was perfect. Plus they left a lot of room for you to sort of infer your own ideas about it. But damn, this sure was one hell of a ride. Also, I was SO happy that Lapitus was still alive!!! haha. he's the man.
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    The Place We Go

    Another new instrumental. If you like post rock, you might like this. The Place We Go
  20. Tony Baloni

    Music Is Sex With The Air

    It's an instrumental.
  21. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    Daniel Faraday. Nuff said. Also, Desmond. F*ck Eloise. Even though she may be a pivotal character. She's a pretty big b.
  22. Tony Baloni

    The New Definition of Sane

    The New Definition of Sane Look left! Look right! One of these people One of these people will not make it through the night Oh, they'll wake up, Oh they'll be alive But their dreams will finally haunt them for as long as they survive How, how long before you join the cult? Blank faces, blank stares, blank everything everywhere! Cotton candy diet for society. No fun! No fun for anyone! When you bring your mind to peace, this is what you see. Please, please understand, it's not your fault, when the living rooms are full of quiet people screaming Kill me Don't try to fulfill me If you'd see what I see You would not be happy, so Lure me On a painful journey Don't you dare ensure me That it will be easy You're crazy, you're crazy, you're crazy, mister, you're crazy! You're crazy, you're crazy! How'd you get to be so gosh darn crazy!!?? Turn back! Turn back! The way you came! Give up on nirvana and just try to play the game Give in! Give in! But not too much! If you keep on fleeing, you'll run right on past the rush! Did, did you really try your best, before you joined the drunken spectators crying Kill me Don't try to fulfill me If you'd see what I see You would not be happy, so Lure me On a painful journey Don't you dare ensure me That it will be easy I took adderall I took meth I smoked tobacco 'til I couldn't feel my breath I drank Hennessy I drank champagne To celebrate the new definition of sane I added 2+2 And I came out with 5 I got down on my knees and gave thanks for the chance to thrive I bought a touch tone brain and called a guy who sells cocaine To celebrate the new definition of sane
  23. Tony Baloni

    The New Definition of Sane

    Oh yep, that is what I meant. Thank you haha. And it's more of a new-wave-ish kind of tune. That link up there is to the recording of it
  24. Tony Baloni

    Lost SPOILER Thread!

    HAHHAA YES!!! I almost hemorrhaged I was laughing so hard at that. You know that's why they threw that in there. I'm so glad somebody else caught that hahaha. And yeah, Nestor Carbonell was amazing. Richard had always been such a flat character, so I never knew whether or not he was actually a good actor, but last night, he definitely set the record straight. That scene with him and Isabella and Hurley tugged on mah heartstrings. Finally, some answers!!!
  25. Tony Baloni

    Health care............

    Well, if http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN1914020220100319 is to be trusted, it sounds pretty good to me ...but idk, Glenn Beck did say that they're a bunch of communists that are going to execute the elderly. And he's a pretty trustworthy guy too. So I guess I'm still undecided...