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What band do you hate the most?


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HATE is such a strong word.

But Madonna comes to mind, when I think of my least favorite.

However, I do give her some credit for trying to figure herself out while the world watches.

It is like every couple of years she tries to invent herself, she seems to think that when she comes to some inlighted moment, she was the sole person to do so, and now needs to tell the world of her new found insight. The poor souls we are. What would we be like, with out Madonna to guide us.

I saw her on one of the music stations and she was going on and on about how Americans are so superficial and crass. Then they played her Material Girl video. Ah...the irony of it all.

Madonna :thumbsdown: That's my final answer.

P.S. Older women kissing young girls......that's just nasty!

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Madonna -- One good song in twenty years. "Beautiful Stranger" I think was its name. It was from an Austin Powers movie. I'm disappointed when I buy a CD that only has one good song.'

Thanks for the memories, at least she started shaving her armpits.

I could fill up five pages with how much damage her career did to actual music. It wasn't just having to listen to her but to all the people who copied her. Ahhh

She really bothers me. I'll leave it at that.

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To call Blink 182 "punk" is insulting to all the real punks out there. Have you not heard "I'm Stranded" by The Saints? If not, I suggest you promptly pull your ignorant head out of your a** and do so.

Oh yeah, I missed Creed out of my list. And that bloody awful Lifehouse too.

did you not hear me? i said BLINK 182 ARNT PUNK! i would pull my head out of my ass if it was up there. But would you learn to read first ? ::

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Ace of Base

Air Supply

Bon Jovi


Culture Club

Dixie Chicks

Georgia Satellites

Gin Blossoms

Go Go's

Grateful Dead

Huey Lewis & the News

Human League

Indigo Girls

Pointer Sisters


Quiet Riot


Skid Row

Smashing Pumpkins


Thompson Twins


Village People



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I have to like, or be able to tolerate, more than just one or two songs from a band, excluding of course the one hit wonder, unless that one hit sucked, and in the case of the Go Go's, Air Supply and REM, I can't.

(Jon) Bon Jovi..I can only tolerate them (mainly him) for so long. All his lyrics are so cliche, similar, unoriginal, and some cases, ridiculous.

The dumbing down of America started with "Shot through the heart and you're to blame; darlin' you give love a bad name". No one could write anything that stupid and not be joking. The scary part is they weren't joking...with the exception of "Wanted Dead or Alive".

Comparing Springsteen to Jon Bon Jovi is like comparing Rembrandt to the drunk transient who spray painted an obscenity on the dumpster behind a Denny's.

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Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan are all POSERS! Long live the Beatles and OLDIES BABY!

*note*-for all you youth wannabe punk rockers, if oldies never existed, then neither would your music today, so you might want to think about that if you haven't already. Then if you still think your music is better, then come have a talk with me or any intelligent person in this room. :neener:

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One band I can't stand is KISS they're overrated & nothing more than a comic book band with a few hit songs that weren't that great in the first place (except for Beth)

I agree with that long list just a few posts back, except for Skid Row.

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Yes very annoying!

I also forgot to mention that I hate New Found Glory.

ahhhh I love new found glory! they are one of my favs sry! your missing out on great music! ;) and actually i like Blink also, but i will admit, they dont have much talent (if any) but hey! i still like them! idk why, but they get cool points! :coolio:

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All the two year old punk bands suck.Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Not By Choice posers. First off AVRIL does'nt sound on her albums as she does live, BUT her live voice is amazing. she is'nt a poser she can sing. YOU CRITICIZING CHRISTIAN MUSIC,,, GO TO HELL. NOT THAT YOU NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!!! Blink is good. Creed is very corny. Rap does'nt fall under 'MUSIC' in my books... I HATE THE NEW GUNS N' ROSES. The band with Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven are THE GODS :coolio:!!! AXL has an amazing voice but what is he doing? Buckethead under the name Guns n' Roses? CHINESE DEMOCRACY IS NOT GUNS N'ROSES!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsdown:

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Haha... this thread makes me laugh. A few notes:

1) Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, etc. are NOT talented. Those of them that write their own stuff use totally cookie-cutter riffs and lyrics... it doesn't take talent to write an unoriginal song.

2) Whoever said "Tool, Sum 41, (etc) and everything else on the radio" - Tool gets played on the radio like... once a month, if that. What the [bleep]?

Okay, moving on. The bands I hate the most. Well, I try not to dwell on bands I don't like, but there are two in particular that I just can't get over. They would be:

Godsmack (for copying their name directly from Alice in Chains (ever heard the song "God Smack"? And I love how they denied it was from that until Layne Staley died and then they were like "Yeah actually it was from that song") and for copying their sun logo from the one Layne Staley drew, and for trying to sound like Alice in Chains (but failing cause they SUCK, and cause no one can sing like Layne Staley), and for adding insult to injury by putting out an acoustic EP, kind of like (you guessed it) Alice in Chains. Godsmack, please die.)


Creed (I don't think I even need to explain this one.)

Oh, and also all Christian rock. It doesn't work.

Now, I also want to say Offspring... but I can't. I really do love Offspring, their first 4 albums were amazing, and even Americana wasn't so bad. But my god.... Conspiracy of One and Splinter are some of the worst pieces of crap I've ever heard. So for that, Offspring makes my hate list. Because they were so good, but they sold out, and now they suck.

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These are the bands I hate.


Nickel Back

Dave Matthews



Do you remember when musicians tried to do something different instead of putting out the same song over and over again. When people didn't have to record 50 guitars to make them sound heavy. IM sorry people Creed and NickelBack are not heavy, not artists, not intense, not metal they are the Bon Jovi of our time.

Now Phish and Dave Matthews I respect as musicians but I find it very cookie cutter. I have had to many experiences with Phish and Dave Matthews fans getting upset that I don't worship the ground they walk on. When I say that I respect them, just dont like them they usually flip out and say I dont understand music and will go on with their spill about how Phish is awesome. This might be a stereo type but to show you how well I know phish fans. If you ask a Phish fan what type of music they like they will say.....bluegrass

They will say the don't like Widespread Panic but will drive 3 hours to see them play and vice versa.

Most Phish fans like Government Mule, MOE, Bela Flec, and Allman Brothers.

***Rule of thumb if you go to a show and there is a bunch of 13 year old girls there the band you are listening to is not punk, metal, and wont be remembered in 20 years unless as a joke. If you go to a show and a bunch of frat boys and rich girls are there the band is not underground.

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I think people's definition of punk differs from mine if you ask some one what type of music they like and they say punk then you ask what band and they say Sum 41 it goes with out saying they don't know what punk is. When I think about punk I think about the people that where punk before it had its name usually called Proto-punk like The Velvet Underground, Iggy and the Stooges, Captain Beefheart, MC5. Punk is dead now there is to few(good) bands left(and the ones that are good are ripping off the older bands) to keep it alive but we still have the older(better) bands to keep us on our toes. So dont dis punk for what people are doing to it now.

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