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  1. Drive My Car-the Beatles !!! WHOOOOOOO yeah! Beep beep,mm beep beep, yeah!
  2. I voted Other and decided on The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
  3. I Feel Fine - the Beatles Ticket To Ride - the Beatles Let it be - the Beatles Oh! Darling - the Beatles She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - the Beatles Back In The U.S.S.R. - the Beatles I Should Have Known Better - the Beatles Good Morning Good Morning - the Beatles When I'm Sixty-Four - the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - the Beatles She's A Woman - the Beatles
  4. Paul McCartney John Lennon Eric Clapton Van Morrison
  5. Waking up to any Beatles song really puts me in a good mood!
  6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - the beatles Julia - the beatles Blackbird - the beatles She's Leaving Home - the beatles I Will - the beatles can you tell i'm a bealtes fan? ::
  7. In Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles, about a minute into the song they use a sound machine on Paul's voice that makes it sound like it's echoing. The screaming in Why Don't We Do It In The Road? by the Beatles, and at the end of the song Cry Baby Cry (also by the Beatles), there is a part I believe it's to an old slave song, which Paul sings. Very Cool!!!
  8. He said the stones relied on songs about sex, drugs, rock and roll...the beatles have songs about these and many other things in life, like LOVE for instance? Uhm, no, YOU listen again.
  9. Isn't it obvious? LOL The Beatles, of course. They changed everything we use today, from instruments to hair, from clothes to the music we hear today.
  10. OMG I know! The first time I heard it on my White Album I had just woken up from a nap and almosed wet myself... LOL
  11. I choose Abbey Road by the Beatles. They spent more time on it than any of their other albums, and the music on it is fabulous! You can really tell they put all their efforts and hard work into it for so long. KUDOS BOYS! muah
  12. Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan are all POSERS! Long live the Beatles and OLDIES BABY! *note*-for all you youth wannabe punk rockers, if oldies never existed, then neither would your music today, so you might want to think about that if you haven't already. Then if you still think your music is better, then come have a talk with me or any intelligent person in this room.
  13. John Lennon was a very intelligent and interesting man, and I also believe the things he said. He had a certain charm and you just wanted to be around him, when Paul is more emotionally warm and captivating with his beautiful voice. He wrote some of the most beautiful songs with John Lennon and on his own. Although, once we lost John Lennon on that tragic day ,the music that Paul McCartney started to write was just...missing something. Maybe the good ol' Lennon touch to it? Even though, he wrote some very amazing things. What an inspiration!
  14. Within You Without You- by The Beatles! Wonderful use of that sitar George! I read an interview with the beatles about Sgt. Pepper and George mentioned that he still didn't really know how to play the sitar (even after they recorded the song), probably because the man that taught him in India didn't know that well either. LOL::
  15. I chose other and vote for "Revolution 9"
  16. Paul McCartney Janis Joplin John Lennon
  17. Paul McCartney's Wings- Band On The Run
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