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  1. If anyone one is in the Arkansas area there is a great bluegrass band called Runaway Planet that has really shot up in popularity recently. They beat out some great rock bands in battle of the bands and have a CD coming out in August 2004. In some of their shows they have covered Pink Floyd and bands like that but have turned it into bluegrass, it's really cool. They are really good and you should check them out at runawayplanet.net
  2. I figured since we already covered most Overrated, I would open up discussion about most Underrated. I think one of my picks (not the most Underrated but they are underrated) will have to go to Sister Hazel. Sister Hazel has the lyrics down, they have good music and vocals, they are not sell outs, and being a drummer I think the drummer is fairly good. Like I said they are not the most underrated but I think they have good full albums and got things together and just don't get enough credit for it.
  3. I personally favor the great smash hit "Love Machine" by "The Miracles". But I was just curious what all you guys like to listen to while you got dressed and ready for your day.
  4. My friend recently introduced me to some good christian music because although I am a christian I hated listening to it because I thought it was all way over produced and cheesy, but he gave me this band called Daily Planet. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in christian rock. They only released one CD and because of a medical issue they have broken up for a while but may return. Once again I highly recommend Daily Planet to anyone.
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