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  1. what songs do you think would be good for a movie ex. take out the words of a song and leave just the music. I believe some Pink Floyd would be good like Echoes, or Shine on You Crazy Diamond, or maybe even High Hopes
  2. if you could meet 5 musicians(dead or alive) in your lifetime, who would they be 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Dave Matthews 3. Syd Barret 4. Kurt Cobain 5. James Taylor
  3. what do ya'll think is the best jt cd? ( besides greatest hits, and the best of)
  4. whats your favorite 5 DMB songs 1. Stay 2. Crash Into Me 3. Everyday 4. Jimi Thing 5. Warehouse
  5. If you could make a dream band, who would it consist of, and what 5 songs would you have them sing? mind would be: vocals- Dave Matthews guitar- Jimi Hendrix, tom morello(rage against the machine) drums- Beauford ( Dave Matthews Band) Bass- Roger Waters 1. Pearl Jam- Black 2. Dave Matthews Band- Crash 3. Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb 4. Metallica- No Leaf Clover 5. Jimi Hendrix Experience- All Along The Watchtower
  6. Who do you think is a band known for creating their own style? My choice is Dave Matthews Band. Not many other recent bands have used horns and violins and other instruments like that.
  7. 1. Stone Temple Pilots 2. Alice In Chains 3. I believe Dave Matthews Band recieves much credit for their music but not enough DMB RULES!!!
  8. My favorite songs are all on the greatest hits ( the only Alice In Chains cd I have) 1. I Stay Away 2. Rooster 3. Heaven Beside You 4. Man In The Box
  9. Does anyone else agree that Alice In Chains is underated?
  10. Pink Floyd- Pulse Dave Matthews Band- Live at Folsom Stadium Dave Matthews Band- Live at Luther College Led Zeppelin- How The West Was Won Aerosmith- A Little South Of Sanity Jimi Hendrix- His Greatest Hits
  11. Everyone has those songs to fall back on in a sad time. What are your sad songs?
  12. Name your favorite 3 bands and your favorite three songs of theirs. 1. Pink Floyd a. Bridges Burning b. Wish You Were Here c. Echoes 2. Dave Matthews Band a. Jimi Thing b. Crash c. The Space Between 3. The Beatles a. Within You, Without You b. Here Comes The Sun c. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  13. Name your favorite 3 songs with foreign instruments or just a completely different sound on guitar or keyboard etc. 1. The Beatles- Within You Without You (sitar, hand drums) 2. Incubus- Aqueous Transmission (Ko-kyu) 3. The Beatles- Love You Too (sitar,tabla)
  14. If you could see 1 concert with 3 bands who would they be 1. Pink Floyd 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Jimi Hendrix
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