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  1. I can't wait till SACD's become the standard instead of CD's. Oh yeh lossy compression sucks.
  2. "Cant You Hear Me Knocking", "Dead Flowers", and "Bitch" some of the Stones best songs are on Sticky Fingers. You also have some of the popular ones like "Brown Sugar" and "Wild Horses". I think Sticky Fingers would be the best Stones record if it had "Rocks Off".
  3. People like musicians who live out their songs. Kurt was a character. He was exactly what you thought he should be through listening to his music, a depressed man who killed himself. Jim Morrison is also a character. He lived out his songs. Nirvana was a big influence on me when I was younger. They got me into alot of great bands like Pere Ubu, The Pixies, The Velvet Underground, and The Melvins which also helped me find alot of other cool bands. I don't know how old you all are but I'm guessing you might have forgot what the 80's were like. Nirvana paved the way for all of the other bands, no matter how much you hate that its true. People also said Jim Morrison wasn't a poet but a drunk. Nirvana isn't the greatest band in the world I know that because I know my roots. But do you? Have you heard of The Germs, The Velvet Underground, The Raincoats, and The Jam if you did you might respect them more.
  4. If you like "Obstacle 1" you will like the band Television's "Venus". "Obstacle 1" beginning riff is definately took from that song. Television = Marquee Moon, 1977 check it out.
  5. Wow sounds like you are reading the republican talking points(propaganda) because that is the same thing I hear ever day on Fox.
  6. Bad things happened in Vietnam John Kerry didn't just say those terrible things because he wanted the war to stop. As crazy as it seems the USA is not perfect.
  7. No, I don't believe it was recorded under the influence........but, yes, I do believe it was written under the influence.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Pink Floyd did drugs thats not some urban legend so anything they did was drug induced. I mean Syd Barrett did so much acid they had to put him away.
  9. Whats better? Supporting a war and not going or Not supporting it and going.
  10. That lady was just a pissed off republican. Thats what really ticks me off is that to most republicans in politics and news will talk about how patriotic our soldiers are........but if they disagree with what they believe they will say anything to belittle them and what they have done. Take John Kerry for example if his name was George Bush we wouldn't be allowed to talk about his service in Vietnam because then it would be unpatriotic. Just think about it.....what if George Bush had a silver star and three purple hearts what would the republicans say when democrats tried to discredit that.
  11. I personally don't like the Freebird solo. I can't remember but I bet I thought it was cool the first time I heard it but sadly it has been over played and I think that is why it is on there. The real hero of the song is the bass part during the end of the solo.
  12. Carl is a communist!!! Get him!!!?
  13. Everybody puts their spin on things to make themselves look right. I mean people can say people that believe Micheal Moore is truthful is uninformed, but you can also say that about people who believe Bill O'Reilly and Fox is fair and balanced. I personally don't let Moore or O'Reilly confuse me into believing what they want me to believe. I will be voting for Kerry because I don't believe you should ammend the Constitution to stop gay people from marrying.
  14. How do you make a documentary devoid of a directors opinion? Super-Size doesn't show Mcdonalds side and is that mans point of view is it propaganda? Is Rush Limbaugh propaganda?
  15. Crumb = Its about a Robert Crumb, the infamous comic book artist, and his even stranger family.
  16. TSOL stands for "True Sounds of Liberty"
  17. First off, I think it is awesome you are already into Bowie and such a great record. I also had friends that didn't know alot of music I was listening to. The sad thing as you grow up, since you already have an interest in something different, only a handful of people will know what music you are into. What I think Five Years is about is the world ending and how people are reacting to it. The part where he says "My brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare, I had to cram so many things to store everything in there" think about it if you knew the world was going to end what would you do? You would try to see everything and do everything. Thats what I think that line is about just cramming so much into a short time. The line "A cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest, and a queer threw up at the sight of that" I think it means the cop is trying to make a death bed confession maybe he was a Sunday Christian that didn't make it on Sundays and now that the world is ending he is covering his bases. The gay guy probably doesn't believe in God because the bible says homosexuality is wrong. It would make me sick to see someone who lived a wild free life get down and try to repent at the last moment because they are scared of hell. The line you are talking about makes me think of some old black and white movie where the actor slowly walks through the rain looking sad. Think about how many movies use rain to illustrate sadness. Since you like David Bowie you might like Lou Reed's "Transformer". Bowie produced it.
  18. My Generation = The Who Anything by Bootsy Collins (wah-wah pedals on bass are cool)
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