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  1. Can not go wrong with this song (Got a pencil? Write this down!) It's Your Love By Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill
  2. #1 Summer song CALIFORNIA GIRLS -Beach Boys
  3. I don't want to watch "anybody" taking it from behind! Good call on the screenplays part!
  4. Tammy19018

    Shrek 2

    I'm "Holding Out For A Hero"
  5. LOL.... I missed that one. Your funny...uh..funnymonkey
  6. Dang!....I have not been able to find one video store that has Ghost Story.
  7. O.K. I know I am a late bloomer here, but I thought I would ask anyway. What is the story on playing this album while watching the wizard of O.Z. The music and movie go together hand in hand. Anyone heard of this?
  8. Aw man! While I was writing my 3 clues your post went up before mine! But for the record, I thought of Def Leppard on my own
  9. Woo woo woo ....Is it Def Leppard! 1.Lead singer originally wanted to marry me, but decided on a different California beauty 2.Currently taking a year off, lead singer celebrating new addition APPLE 3.Supports- Fair Trade
  10. Look in my eeeeeeeyes ...whaaaaat do ya see..... :guitar:
  11. I am sold! (Door closes) ........off to buy CD, "hey who can pass up a little vulgarity"
  12. Enlighten me....what exactly is a Rocket Man?
  13. I wouldn't cut it short...thought it was entertaining. hehe...it was hard to watch because there were about 10 kids running around when I saw it. My friends son was turning 5 and all his cousins came to celebrate. I guess it added more reality to the story line. The one daughter with pony tails, reminded me of myself at that age. Except I was worse.
  14. HATE is such a strong word. But Madonna comes to mind, when I think of my least favorite. However, I do give her some credit for trying to figure herself out while the world watches. It is like every couple of years she tries to invent herself, she seems to think that when she comes to some inlighted moment, she was the sole person to do so, and now needs to tell the world of her new found insight. The poor souls we are. What would we be like, with out Madonna to guide us. I saw her on one of the music stations and she was going on and on about how Americans are so superficial and crass. Then they played her Material Girl video. Ah...the irony of it all. Madonna That's my final answer. P.S. Older women kissing young girls......that's just nasty!
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