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  1. just found the song on ad tunes.In case anyone wants to know its by natasha thomas and its called its over now. Thanks guys
  2. I wonder if anyone can help me i heard a song on a lacoste advert and loved it.I only know a few lines "I could be wrong but i'm not" and "I don't wanna believe that its over".Its a female singer. Thanks.
  3. I went to see shark tale the other day and there was a song on it i really loved, trouble is i dont know what its called or who sings it. The lyrics are "don't worry bout a thing cos everythings going be all right"
  4. Oh i am real sorry. I only know the first verse and chorus "when the lights go out and i'm all alone when i look into the night what do i see,i see your smiling face in the moonlit sky and i know that you'll wait for me oh wait for me,wait for me please baby oh please wait for me. I have seen the Sixth Sense why?
  5. I know i have asked this before buut i have looked everywhere and can't find this song. It appears in the very last episode of cold feet and it is when adam is getting ready for Rachels funeral. If anyone can help it would be great.
  6. Hey guys I'm trying to make a cd up and im a bit stuck for songs.The songs that i'm looking for have got the same sort of style as coldplay and maroon 5 ( she will be loved). Anyone who has any suggestions would be great.
  7. Can anyone help me find this song, it has no words and i heard it when i was on holiday. I think the tune went "da da da da da duh" and it kept repeating it and it sounded a bit techno. I know this is not a lot to go on but if anyone has any suggestions it would be great.
  8. Hey Guys i really need your help, i heard this song ages ago and i am having trouble finding it. i only know part of the chorus "DE DOO RUN RUN" I know it aint much but if anyone can think of any songs , it would be great.
  9. I was watching a movie the other night called "the way she moves" about a latin dancer and i really loved the music on it, trouble is i can't find out who sung any of the songs. If anyone could help it would be great.
  10. hey guys could anyone tell me the name of britneys new single.Also can anyone tell me the Trl chart.
  11. can anyone tell me the name of limp biskits albums also has fred durst done any solo stuff. Thanks
  12. I know an Abba song thats got thoese lyrics.I think its called does your mother know.Hope this helps.
  13. I have just seen a trailer for the new movie with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones in,and i was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that was played.I don't know the name of the film and i only know a few lyrics "it's alright. I know its not much to go on but if anyone can help it wud be great.
  14. That's a big help guys. Does anyone know any recent albums which are in the charts that are worth checking out.
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