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  1. the truth we havta face is all the rock that matters is old and if your looking for true rock get out those old greatest hits cds! i think that the new "guns and roses greatest hits" is pretty good, try that, it depends wat type of rock your into? alternative punk pop metal or just rock! -emma
  2. LOVE THAT! thants like my most fave song quote. great song,. just thought id share my usless opion. :: -emma
  3. SOOOOO! agree with 'One' by Metallica i love that intro. also i cant believe no one has said november rain? thats great. i love alot of sum41 intros they are really well done but u ppl arent into them? this is more of the classic type ey? well the most well known intro has to be deep purple "smoke on the water". :guitar:
  4. i love soundtrack songs, i think they are the ones with the best feel to them. I have so many favourites but heres a small list of MUST! haves. rose - seal (batman) tiny dancer- elton john (almost famous) sugar cult- bouncing off the walls (van wildler) Laid- James (american pie) Lazlo- superman (scrubs) its not much but they are my mains from emma
  5. I think you all did a good job of listing all of those bands i mean come on how long! well done even if ya did miss the beatles.
  6. I can say fro sure it is an origanal. full stop :: :guitar:
  7. Hey i was wondering if you had any good alternative rock bands or even an old song from the 90s? I think this was a great time for this type of music! eg. semi-charmed life - third eye blind The verve - bitter sweet Counting crows - Mr Jones Roach Ford - only to be with you :guitar: you get the point. -thanks, Emma....
  8. did you not hear me? i said BLINK 182 ARNT PUNK! i would pull my head out of my ass if it was up there. But would you learn to read first ? ::
  9. :beady:WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? :beady: thes music is not crap! blink 182 are really talented i dare any of you to say one song they did not put a least one classic line into. they are not punk etheir they are pop-rock and they so rock. you have to understant that they do not sing this music for people in your age grounp. i am only a young teen and lots of people i know relate to their music. :bow:SUM41! my favorite band in the world who ever said they wernt good are mistaking.I have every song ever made by them and there lyrics are so well done. The song that have been released of them arent there best BUT WHATS A BOOK JUDGED BY ITS COVER? Why are you all picking on punk-rock? there is alot of rappers that are talking about their trip to the shop and you choose to bag out the punks who talk about there incounter with suiside? really? The only thing on this board i do agree with is ::AVRIL LAVIN :: or how you spell it. she is such a sell out i cant stand her. as my favorite band sum41 says "I have avril phobea"
  10. could you post some of there lyrics possably? because i cant find their cds i just wanna see what they are like. thankyou! ::
  11. :rockon:I love default! i wondered is the cd any good? what was it called again?
  12. To clear this all up. Its about hating some one you love. There is no :(tru meaning but believe me its about hating som1 u love.
  13. Being myself i hate rap! i think it is just people talking, rap is great fro some people but it just dosent work for me. i love only two rap songs i have ever hears. one being an old song redone from led-zeppland kasmire wich is now "come with me " by p.diddy back when he was puff daddy and two being by the transplants "dimands and guns" wich is classafied rock-rap
  14. I have heard that the only good songs are harder to breath. there new released song is "this love" it is pretty upbeat but one of those songs you love for a week and wanna kill the next.
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