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The first song ever registered


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Here's what I learned:

They are visitors that aren't logged in. Probably search engine spiders. Even though it says they are sending a pt or whatever, that means they are only on that page. If you don't allow guests to do a certain thing, they can still click on the link but it will tell them they don't have permission... it will still say they are doing that online because they are on that page.

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I have a question about the main site. I can't login there, yet when I come to the message boards I can login without problems.

I tried to re-register thinking that perhaps that was the problem, but I wasn't able to because my e-mail already exists in the system.

Why is my login not valid? (It's not the password, btw)

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This happened to me too... some time ago, I changed my email address. I had to log in to the forum by using my old email-address for some time, while the main site wanted my new one. Now the forum has started to accept the new address too. Perhaps it's got something to do with that?

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