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The first song ever registered


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What does " being redirected " mean in the 'Online' function ? It is the most common activity report for annonymous users.

I am still curious about what this means , as Edna's explanation that they are coming over from the old site no longer seems possible . I still see this in the majority of the activities listed for anonymous users in the (who's ) online menu .

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Ah , So ! You were and are still right then , Edna . How could I have doubted you !? ;)

However , in line with Levis' thoughts , it still seems odd to me that such a large percentage are being redirected as I'd assume , too , that it would simply take a moment or two, and a second look would list them as looking at the boards / a thread or the like ... :stars: No big deal , though . Thanks, Carl .

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Um, I got a question too...it's not that important though, but anyway. My profile keeps saying that my birthday's on the 20th on the March, although I entered 19th of March. :confused:

Yeah, we know, it's your birthday present from Songfacts, we made you 1 day younger. Live it up!!

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