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Agnostics/Atheists/Pagans and Christmas


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Commercialism and religion aside, there's something I'd like to say.

The pure innocence of a child's wide eyes when they get up Christmas morning, and freeze at the end of the hallway..."He came! He was here!".

That whole hearted belief in something so good, right in your own home is something a lot of people miss.

You've got to look at your child. See their innocence and their pure acceptance that it's real. Tuck that away, keep it.

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As I was watching that stupid Old Navy commercial with the carolers in the donut store, just how stupid christmas is. Well, not christmas so much as it is the way the public handles christmas. The religous aspect of it shouldn't just be an aspect, it's the entire reason for the holiday. I'm not saying giving out presents is bad, but christmas has gotten so commercialized, that religion is just side-note. It would be like watching 30 minute commercials with snippets of TV shows in between. Of all the people celebrating christmas, I'll bet that over half the people aren't even involved with a religion involving Jesus, or are only a Christian on Christmas.

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I am by no means defending the commercialization of Christmas, but the advertiser's job is to push their product, not the birth of Christ.The public in general, is so afraid of religion nowadays, what with everyone 'feelings' being hurt, and everyone being 'offended' by everything, the religious aspect of Christmas has been phased completely out of the public eye. But once you walk through the door to your home, it becomes a private matter, and that's where we, as a people, make our decision what Christmas is truly about.

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T'was the night before Christmas

and all through the town

Not a sign of Baby Jesus

was anywhere to be found.

The people were all busy

with Christmas time chores

Like decorating, and baking,

and shopping in stores.

No one sang "Away in a manger,

no crib for a bed".

Instead, they sang of Santa

dressed-up in bright red.

Mama watched Martha Stewart,

Papa drank beer from a tap.

As hour upon hour

the presents they'd wrap.

When what from the T.V.

did they suddenly hear?

'Cept an ad.. which told

of a big sale at Sears.

So away to the mall

they all flew like a flash...

Buying things on credit...

and others with cash!

And, as they made their way home

From their trip to the mall,

Did they think about Jesus?

Oh, no... not at all.

Their lives were so busy

with their Christmas time things

No time to remember

Christ Jesus, the King.

There were presents to wrap

and cookies to bake.

How could they stop and remember

who died for their sake?

To pray to the Savior...

they had no time to stop.

Because they needed more time

to "Shop til they dropped!"

On Wal-mart! On K-mart!

On Target! On Penney's!

On Hallmark! On Zales!

A quick lunch at Denny's

From the big stores downtown

to the stores at the mall

They would dash away, dash away,

and visit them all!

And up on the roof,

there arose such a clatter

As grandpa hung icicle lights

up on his brand new step ladder.

He hung lights that would flash.

He hung lights that would twirl.

Yet, he never once prayed to Jesus...

Light of the World.

Christ's eyes... how they twinkle!

Christ's Spirit... how merry!

Christ's love... how enormous!

All our burdens... He'll carry!

So instead of being busy,

overworked, and uptight

Let's put Christ back in

Christmas and enjoy

some good nights!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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I was lurking and reading this topic and I had to log in to have a say :: I'm an Animist: Everyday spent above ground is enough reason to celebrate. I don't have to wait until xmas to give and receive gifts. All I have to do is pluck good will from the trees and offer it at will. Thus, it has been ordained by me :jester:

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Luke 2:7 "And she brought fourth her firstborn Son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn"

Luke 2:11 "For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord"

Ho Ho Ho! Mark this event by buying the one you love a 15 amp reciprocating saw (199.99 at Home Depot!) or a 26 oz. Fleece pullover at Old Navy!

Something went wrong somewhere....


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actually the expression 'immaculate conception' is often misused - it actually refers to the fact that mary was born free of original sin as opposed to the common misconception that it refers to her conceiving without sin.

SoulSis, I´m not catholic so I might not understand very well what you say, but if Mary was born free from original sin, so her mother was a virgin?

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