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Agnostics/Atheists/Pagans and Christmas


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Edna honey, I'm not too clear on all this but...

I was taught that original sin has been passed down from Adam and Eve to every human being born from their line (ie. everyone that has ever existed, exists, and will exist. Hey, that makes us all really family! :thumbsup: ). It was the very first sin ever committed that angered God and disappointed him. Eve being tempted and eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Adam eating of the fruit too, I was told, is the sin: Their disobedience to their Creator. They were punished by being seperated from God and made to live as mortals on earth. To labour for their food, clothing, comforts. To face persecution and all things earthly. For women to have great pain with anything assosciated with childbirth and fertility (menstrual cramps, labour etc). But we were blessed with free will.

How Mary escaped this original sin, I am not clear on. Perhaps someone with a greater knowledge can correct me or shed some light please? :)

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God had a plan...and for that plan to work. Someone had to be born without Original Sin. Therefore, he took it away.

Oh...and the Immaculate Conception, its also called "The Day of Mary's Yes" The moment she said Yes to the Angel Gabriel, she was pregnant.

Shes called Our Mother because she gave birth to our King.

Shes called Virgin because she didnt have to DO anything.

but you guys are right...she had kids afterwards. Which means, Christ has a bloodline!

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