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What was the first song you every "loved"?

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Bill Withers - Lean on Me was my first favorite song as a small child, & it grew on me. Every time I heard it, it would bring back memories from before, it still holds that sentiment to this day. I wasn?t sure what precise emotion I was identifying with in the song, or if it was mostly in passive liking. Joni Please Don?t Cry by Conway Twitty taught me a lot about love, before I even started school, my emotions later became clustered when I realized he was singing to his own daughter. John Lennon?s Imagine would be another one that I started listening to at a very early age, it immediately opened the doors for peace & change. Reflections by the Supremes was always uplifting, the same with Righteous Brothers? Unchained Melody, even at an early age, it developed more meaning during the later stages of my youth, when I began associated it with love making, & Aquarius by Hair, which had a reflecting harmony that targeted me right away, but that one I quickly outgrew as I moved on.

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"My little runnaway", Del Shannon. It was sounding on the merry-go-round I used to go to when I was 2 or 3. At 6 I fell in love with the Beatles "Twist and Shout" and first record I bought for me (daddy gave me the money...) was "Paint it Black", Stones, back in...67?

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Ling Ting Tong by The Five Keys.

Loved this great doo wop tune from the first time my big brother played the 45 in 1955.

"Tai semoca boom dai yay, tai semoca boom!"

I was 9 and had heard and liked hundreds of songs but this one really grabbed me. I played it over and over and over.....

Mom hated it, though she thought it was funny.

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Ummm....probably some song by Andy Gibb, since I was crazy for him. Most likely "Shadow Dancing".

What can I say? I was young.....

Oh, Jenny, me too. I loved him so much. All that hair and teeth. I think I was more partial to "I Just Want To Be Your Everything." Just hearing the first few lines sends me into pre-teen hysteria...

"For so long

You and me been finding each other for so long

And the feeling that I feel for you is more than strong, girl..."

Just a reminder, boys and girls...


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"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" - Gordon Lightfoot

I used to listen to the 45 over and over trying to figure out every single word. The song was over 8 minutes long and had about 600 verses. I loved that song...still do. It's a classic. I guess it must have been the history of the whole thing.

I also liked "American Pie" when I was a really young tyke. I kinda did the same thing with this song, but I can't remember it as well. I was only about four or five.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

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Standing there alone,

the ship is waiting.

All systems are go.

"Are you sure?"

Control is not convinced,

but the computer

has the evidence.

No need to abort.

The countdown starts.

Watching in a trance,

the crew is certain.

Nothing left to chance,

all is working.

Trying to relax

up in the capsule

"Send me up a drink."

jokes Major Tom.

The count goes on.

4, 3, 2, 1

Earth below us

drifting, falling.

Floating weightless

calling, calling home.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon:

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Rocky Racoon, by the Beatles, do you believe that? Very out of character for me. It switched to American Pie though. Like Sammy, I played it over and over trying to learn the words. It actually took years, but I can sing the entire thing from memory. Good thing you can't hear me!

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And, Peaches, quoting Andy Gibb and telling kids not to do crack in the same breath....I don't know; that just seems a bit hypocritical. You MUST have been on crack when you were jamming to young Andy's music....there can be no other explanation.

:jester: :jester: :afro: :afro: :afro:

Sammy, you're just upset because you can't tame your 'fro into luxurious waves like Andy did.


:afro: :afro: :afro:

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The Zombies : Time of the Season

What's your name?

(What's your name?)

Who's your daddy?

(Who's your daddy? He rich?)

Is he rich like me?

and The Box Tops - The Letter

That's when I first started listening to the radio at night - when I was supposed to be getting to sleep so I could get up for school

Then one night I heard the Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll - and I thought they wrote it about me.

Ahh - to be young and rock!


Oh - and big tuna - I share your love for Bill Whithers - Ain't no Sunshine - that seems like it was from around the same time. But it's hard to remember things clearly from that long ago.

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