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  1. Garth Brooks/ Thunder Rolls...but he got caught. Jewel/ Foolish games. These foolish games are tearing me apart You thoughtless words are breaking my heart You're breaking my heart. It wasn't the words of the song, but what was written on her back in the video "He said I feel like home" Wow
  2. I would be Lita Ford I would check myself out all day long........Oh Yeah.
  3. Long hair pretty boys "The Nelsons" They really sucked, however, they took alot of their profits and helped many teens by offering them guidance away from suicide.
  4. Black Sabbath/changes or Neil Young/ Helpless
  5. TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN/QUEEN.....I was 13 and I totally misunderstood it, but it made perfect sense when I was 13........When i was 13 we didn't think of such things; get your head outa da gutter....lol
  6. K so i gots this mic that requires "Phantom Power"..What exactly is phantom power?
  7. I have to agree with you on that. If you look hard enough you will see it, if you listen long enough you will hear it. My whole take on the backward messages from the begining when i was a lad. (and argument to my parents that wanted to throw out my "then just released" Blizzard of Oz album) is as follows; I never learned French in school therefore when someone spoke to me in French I had no clue what they were saying. The same thing with backward messages. I never learned Backwardnesse, so how could I understand it if I heard it? Secondly, you could take a Pat Bonne record and play it backwards and you get all that distorted evil sounding sounds. I think he is saying "For the love of Pete, Please make my wife stop buying me plaid pants" Not 100% on that.
  8. Here is my favorite poem of all time. There once was a man from Lieghiton Who said mam' you sure have a tight one She said oh bless your soul But your in the wrong hole There's plenty of room in the right one Benny Hill, Gotta love that background disco music from the Thames...BBC lives
  9. wow. i enjoyed reading all the comments but can only agree with a few. The stick banging theory is the original. All others mentioned that had influenced others (influenced is the key word)are just stepping stones. There were those "few" that dominated a sound or genre but it all goes back to a time before music was recorded in written form. Music was passed down or taught to the next generation. When i say generation; I'm talking loin clothes fig leaves "way back". Sure Chuck Berry was great, but he did not create blues.(If M.J. Fox didn't go Back To The Future hehehe) Sure the Kinks were awesome, but someone influenced them. This game could be played with any band or composer. Just take music for what it is. A good thing.
  10. devolution: the theory that mankind, rather than progressing, has actually embarked on a negative curve.
  11. a c d c d we'v been on the run a c d c d driving in the sun a c d c d e c lookin out for # 1 a g g f f g a california here we come a g g f f g a d c right back were we started from a c d f california d c a f here we come try this first. if this doesnt do it try to start out in c#
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