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  1. i mainly listen to female artists cuz i can relate to the music better being a girl and all. i hardly like any male artists. But anyways my favs would be: sheryl crow & avril lavigne
  2. That song freaks me out! did you ever see the movie girl interrupted. they play that song when the one girl hangs herself. Now i can't bear to listen to it. it gives me the willies! that's sad skeeter died though. that would be weird if they played that song at her funeral.....
  3. anyone know of any songs that have to do with loving someone and not being able to tell them or let your feelings show? I have a few i like such as "things i'll never say" by avril lavigne, "crush" by mandy moore but i want some other ones. they help me cope. I like all types of music except rap and real hard rock. anyone have any suggestions?
  4. hey everyone. I need some songs about loving someone secretly and not being able to let the feelings show. i like all kinds of music except rap and the real hard "smash your face off of stuff" rock. Anyone know of any?
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