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  1. its about the band 'the starting line'... they went on tour with them, and i guess wrote the song thats what ryan keys said when i saw them live with the starting line 10/24/04
  2. in avril lavinges 'so much for my happy ending' it sounds like 'i have no troubles'
  3. part of eamon "[bleep] it" backwards sounds like "take 'em off"
  4. in some billy idol song where it says 'wishful fantasy" were heard "this is not my fault"/"this is not for sale"... we cant figure out which. it was while playing vinyl backwards
  5. me and a friend were checking out songs that, when played backwards, have subliminal messages. if anyone knows any songs, or sites, please post them!!
  6. is it really about his 4 1/2 son who died?
  7. any in the maybe newer years... maybe numetal.. i dunno
  8. i've looked everywhere for the lyrics to "choices" by everlast, and cant find them. can anyone else?
  9. does anyone know any songs about being a runaway, a pregnant teen, or a street kid?
  10. like gods got him right there, and he wants to go back to earth, he doesnt want to die yet
  11. sounds like its a letter to god, asking god to let him have another chance at life, or just not to take him now.
  12. i knew kenny chesney was country, i was just getting the ball rolling. and i did listen to that song. i've heard it before. [in the end] its about abuse, not teen pregnancy
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