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  1. has anyone mentioned Amanda by Boston?
  2. Ok, this song is full of metaphors and i was wondering if anyone would give me their opinion as to what they thought they meant. here are the lyrics: We sent out the SOS call It was a quater past four In the morning When the storm broke our second anchor line. Four months at sea. Four months of calm seas Only to be pounded in the shallows Off of the tip of Montauk Point. They call them rogues. They travel fast and alone, One hundred foot faces Of God's good ocean gone wrong What they call love is a risk, Cause you will always get hit Out of nowhere By some wave and end up
  3. i agree with everyone who said it was stupid that she blamed it on her band...that was stupid
  4. I was looking up this song on songfacts, and most people thought that the song was about drugs, which is probably true. But what I was wondering was if anyone had any interpretation for these lines: Centuries are what it meant to me A cemetery where I marry the sea Stranger things could mever change my mind I've got to take it on the otherside
  5. DISPATCH "Gut the Van" it's probably the best live album ever. these guys have so much raw talent and this cd proves it.
  6. I really love "Neil Young Unplugged" from MTV's Unplugged.
  7. i've heard that in one of their video's Chris Martin sang backwards so when they played the video in reverse it appeared as if he was really singing, is this true, and if so , what video was it?
  8. i really dont think this band sounds much like pink floyd
  9. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this song, "bats in the belfry" by Dispatch??? because i'd really like to know. thanks
  10. Has anyone mentioned "Hash Pipe" by Weezer?
  11. I really like whoever suggested "Under the Bridge", that's a great one. My suggestions are: I Miss You- Incubus Brick- Ben Folds Five Amsterdam- Coldplay She Talks To Angels- The Black Crows
  12. i've tried posting a message just like this, but no one responded...so i guess that means no one here went. but i bought the DVD that had the concert at the hatch shell, and another one somewhere else...it's pretty cool.
  13. The Beach Boys have a lot of good Christmas songs....
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