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  1. I'm compiling songs for a Christmas cd. I have the typical Mariah Carey, She Daisy stuff, but looking for other songs that you might like, but I'm not aware of. Searching for these on Google or any place else just gives me oodles and oodles of different songs, and not many answers that I'm looking for. So just let me know what your favorite songs are, old or preferably new, and I'll check them out. Thanks and have a great holiday season!
  2. Possibly House of Pain? Or Beastie Boys. 311? I'm trying to think of "white rappers". Good Luck
  3. The only song from that movie that I know is "Black Betty", don't know if that helps or not though.
  4. I can't find this song. It sounds like a Jamaican song and has the line: "Jack be nimble jack be quick, jack jump over candle stick..." Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. Bump! Check out this song! It's great for this summer!
  6. I FOUND IT! The song is "Slide Along Side" by Shifty. Check it out! It's a great "fun" song to listen too! Thanks for the help! ::
  7. Oddly, this song sounds quite like a song I'm looking for that I have a post about on this board. I've only heard part of it, but it really sounded like "summer", if you know what I mean...which I think you do cause you mentioned that also. If I ever seem to find it, I'll be sure to post it on here for you. Good Luck! ::
  8. Thanks, another good guess. But that's not it either. I pretty much know it's a new, if not brand new song. Which is why many people don't know it yet. I truly appreciate the help, and maybe someone will hear a new pop song on the radio today and be able to help me out. Thanks so much though, it's really appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the thought, but no, it's a male singing. Sounds like an "LFO" kind of song. That's what it reminds me of anyways. I appreciate the effort though, thanks ::
  10. Well, still no luck on the song, but ironically they did play it at the intro of the All-Star Baseball Game. I did finally catch a line of it..."Time of your life". Though I do know that it's not the Green Day song. Any help would be great, thanks.
  11. I was listening to Sirius for one of the first times yesterday and heard on channel 1, a song that was very "fun" if you will. Sounded like a song you would hear if you were shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch. Kind of like a sunny day kind of thing. Totally lost on this though cause I don't know who sung it, couldn't hear alot of the lyrics cause I was on a boat at the time, but I could tell it was a fairly new song. Thanks so much, I hope I get a couple of possible ideas.
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