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  1. yeah i read that also but that is that persons thoughts on the songs and i had mine but also do think that, that also has something to do with the song.....the song is so good.....and im sure it touches many ppl.
  2. just interested to find some depressing songs........
  3. hey just wondering what the true meaning of the song --world so cold-- (mudvayne) is because what i think the meaning of the song is that ...........just look at the state of our world and you will see cold our world really is "world so cold" and that over time we will lose everyone we know (for xample these lyrics) "Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes, then watch them drift away"........ so does any one else have anymore ideas?? :guitar: lyrics are below...... When passion's lost, and all the trust is gone, way too far for way too long. Children crying,
  4. powderfinger - how far have we really come.
  5. i need some help.....im looking for some songs that have to do with the sadness of war and songs on soldiers fighting in the wars (modern music plz)
  6. i got it......heres what ther said the song woz about (interview)...... That was the song about my parents trying to keep me out of the music business. My father was in it and he knew how it was and I totally understand now that I have a son. I want Nathan to be a musician but I him don't want him to go through the hell I went through. That's the same thing my Dad was doing. A lot of people can relate to it, because it's like the Dad's wanting their sons to be football players and their sons want to be doctors or something. That peer pressure its like trying to make them something they
  7. mmmm......maybe the only thing that really confuses me is the dead bodies part
  8. im tryin to figure out the meaning of this song its called......dead bodies everywhere - KORN n lyrics r below....help would beb good thx Come on, step inside, and you will realize. Tell me what you need, tell me what to be. What's your vision? You'll see, what do you expect of me? I cant live that lie. Hate! I sing my words I'm f**ked at dealing, with your life dead bodies everywhere. You! Really want me to be a good son. Why? You make me feel like no one. Let me strip the plain, let me not give in. Free me of your life, inside my heart dies. Your dreams never achieved,
  9. who ever said he couldnt set up the gun 1st then do the drugs n he could hav pulled the trigger with his toe...... i luv nirvana n always will......he commited suicide.
  10. nirvana hav to be the best band eva even tho he woz depressed they made the best music through his feelings givin songs meaning
  11. are these the lyrics.....???if it is its from sweet december Walking down 5th Avenue in a dream I don?t remember yet, but I?m sure I will in time. I just lost my train of thought as a sea of people pass me by. I don?t mind. Monday morning I?ll be in my bed. Mind is racing wishing I was dead. Wake up undercover or perhaps I?m just a man who lives a lie. The truth is hard to find. Put my faith in poets even though sometimes the things they say don?t rhyme. They make sense sometimes. Wake me up. Bring me to my feet. But whatever you d
  12. i would just like to no what ppl think is the most depressed song? .....tell me what u think.... me...i think metallica: Fade To Black Life it seems, will fade away Drifting further every day Getting lost within myself Nothing matters no one else I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things are not what they used to be Missing one inside of me Deathly lost, this can?t be real Cannot stand this hell I feel Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony Growing darkness taking dawn I was me
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