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  1. Do a lot of people know about them? THey're from Montreal Canada and starting to get known in Canada. I only know the song rebellion(lies) and it's so catchy. Sounds like the killers to me.
  2. Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to town Bruce Springsteen - Merry Christmas Baby Chuck Berry - Run Run Rudolph Eagles - Please come home for christmas John Lennon - Happy Christmas (war is over) The theme to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  3. No offence but the U.S. thanksgiving is retarded. It's way too close to Christmas. In Canada our is the 1st monday in october. That makes much more sense.
  4. I have a song stuck in my head and I don't know the title of the song or the band. I barely even know how the song goes. It sounds like the Butthole Surfers or the Meat Puppets. It starts off with weird noises then the singer increases his volume and sings faster as the chorus approaches and sings a line in the chorus that is something like "this is not youself, this is not youseeeeellllf." Any suggestions?
  5. OK so he's huge in Canada, but that's pretty much it. I don't know how he hasn't tapped into the American mainstream yet. He's a socialist, and that seems to be cool nowadays when it comes to music. But if you haven't heard of him, listen to his hits, "brother down" "long road" "don't walk away eileen" and "where have all the good people gone." Those are his 4 hits up here in Canada. The band puts on a wicked live show and they know how to rock.
  6. What are the best drug songs? Here's what I think are the top 5: 5) Coccaine - Eric Clapton 4) Burn one down - Ben Harper 3) Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles 2) White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane 1) Heroin - Velvet Underground
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