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  1. This band will fly up the charts real fast. Their c.d. is being released today. All their info. can be found at their page: www.cauterize.com I would tell you all about them, but their music speaks for itself. "The band has many different influences, some of which are drastically different. We were influenced by a lot of punk rock bands - especially Green Day, who pretty much steered us in the melodic pop-punk direction when we first started out. Another band that became a big influence later on was Strung Out - probably the most talented punk rock band, in our opinion." ~Cauterize Watc
  2. Wow they have such a beautiful tone. I can't believe their videos aren't being played as often as others. I haven't seen one on television yet, and they have a couple. It is fresh to have a band play for the love of it, and not just for a paycheck. Thanks for sharing this band. Now I just hope to find them in stores. Shame sounds like this don't get listened to, or heard too often.
  3. Lunachick, one of my top c.d.'s at the moment which I will not give up for the world is Purple - STP, I used to adore some of Pearl Jam, but I really can't get into their new stuff.
  4. That butcher... she ruined chop suey!!! and knocking on heavens door.... Now Mariah is ruining def leppard!!! stop it pop stars!!! I haven't heard the version but I hope it was a joke.... I mean I heard a small clip, but not much. Have a Great Day!!!
  5. Looking at how Avril is being made out to be punk by her fans, and pop by her non-listeners, maybe she needs a category. Looking at this "Nu" craze, why not place her in Nu Pop? At least the fighting will stop and she will go away for the time being. Have a Great Day!!! Hehehe new smiles!!! :guitar: Good job keeping this page running Sara and Carl
  6. I didn't say they were the only original bands. I said their style has been claimed (by Circus Magazine I might add, as I just have been told from the person who told me)to be the first of their kind. There are way too many bands that also fall into this category, but I was speaking of these. There is a key difference between Nirvana and Alice in Chains, it would be Staley's vocals, which defined and put Alice in Chains in their own category, even though they were defined as Grunge, but it is easy to say Alice in Chains along with Nirvana defined the grunge for all future attempts. The music i
  7. Oh about the korn thing... I was having a strange argument with a korn fan, because he kept insisting Korn was Goth and Adema was metal.. I mean there is some difference in both the half-brothers groups styles, but to categorize them differently was just too much too understand. Who comes up with these categories anyway? I mean I can categorize every band out there into a different category, if not it would be like saying every group is truly the same... but of course some are weirdly very similar. I mean why can't something be only one thing.. not have to be categorized further? Since we are
  8. What is up with this whole Nu craze? why do things have to change? I mean Nu punk? A lot of it sounds like a hybrid pop-punk mistake. Call yourselves pop. I mean I will openly listen to pop, but a prissy group trying to be punk just hurts. What would the clash, and the sex pistols say? Wait you mean this "Nu" thing has hit metal too? what the heck is going on? did rockers lose a war? ::
  9. I can never truly tell the difference between all types of metal, I myself wouldn't classify a group like Lacuna Coil, with the style of groups like Cryptopsy, or Cannibal Corpse... The last music store I went to didn't even have a proper section for anything. They only had an alternative, and a metal section for rock. In cases like this gothic bands get thrown in the metal section, but in the case of Lacuna Coil they are said to be Metal, but what type of metal is beyond me. I myself would picture them goth... but now-a-days there is so many different types of everything it is hard to say wha
  10. Lacuna Coil has a great sound. Powered by a female vocalist Cristina Scabbia. Along with the male vocalist who sometimes over powers her beautiful voice. After a few repeat hearing sessions you will tend to feel as if their voices accent each other. At first it may be a little too much to take in. Evanescence was blamed by many confused fans as ripping off the sound of Lacuna Coil, but seeing as they both released their ep on 1998 it is hard to see one band ripping off another half way around the world, but a mainstream band with a similar sound would be them. My favourite Lacuna Coil song wou
  11. Oh I sure want to be the first. Gwenmars is worth a million words. Well worth checking out. They started seven years ago, but never were too big. I believe they are on a hiatus, or have stopped, but they should be checked out. Songs like Venus, Radio Gun, Neon Tom, and She Hung the Moon. Anyone heard of them? See their site here: http://www.gwenmars.com/ I believe you can hear at least Neon Tom and Radio Gun there. "With Alabama native Mike Thrasher (guitar/vocals), Matt Westfield (bass) and John Boutin (drums), Gwenmars released their 1995 debut Magnosheen, a record critically praised for its
  12. I was once told that there is 6 rock bands that are truly original. In todays music industry it is quite easy to point out who copied who and so on, and who is in it to rip whoever else's fans off... but I just want an opinion on if these 6 bands can be truly traced back to an earlier style. I am looking for an opinion, so anything goes. Tool Nirvana Alice In Chains Deftones Nine Inch Nails Radiohead Have a great day!!
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