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2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

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# Alice Cooper, including his backing band

# Beastie Boys

# Bon Jovi

# Chic

# Neil Diamond

# Donovan

# Dr. John

# The J. Geils Band

# LL Cool J

# Darlene Love

# Laura Nyro

# Donna Summer

# Joe Tex

# Tom Waits

Only five can make it, so who do you think will be inducted and who do you believe should be inducted?

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Chicago should definitely be in. Of these, I like:

Bon Jovi

Beastie Boys

Neil Diamond

All have been productive for 25+ years and have had a huge impact in their field. Neil Diamond is a beloved icon who is one of the most successful live acts and one of the greatest songwriters in history. The Beastie Boys had the first #1 rap album, and did the sampling thing better than anyone. Bon Jovi are really famous. Everyone knows Bon Jovi and has an opinion of them, and they dominated the charts in the '80s.

These are the three entries that Rock critics will look down upon, so they probably won't get in. But I don't know how you can listen to Paul Revere, Livin' On A Prayer or Sweet Caroline and not think these guys were the best at what they did.

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I've always thought that Mr. Cooper has one of the best voices of rock-n-roll.

He had me on the LP Billion Dollar Babies

Had it not been for Mr. Cooper, I'd have never found a fascination for boa constrictors.

He was the one that made me appreciate when school was out!

He hosts my local radio station Tuesday nights between 11 and 12 midnight (via satellite) and he is as humble as they come!

And smart?

Shoot. Talking to him in a full paragraph makes me understand how stupid I am.

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