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  1. A 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell that my 18 year old son didn't like since 2 of the layers were lettuce and tomato. So I got him two 5-layer burritos but he only ate one and I ate the other. That was a lot of food, but I never pass up Taco Bell.
  2. It's 23 here and that's cold for where I live in Maryland. Luckily growing up in New york helps me tolerate this weather. Cold to me is 10 degrees.
  3. "Rosalita"-Bruce Springsteen I've been a real Springsteen jag lately.
  4. Did I post that right? I'm still trying to figure out how your board works. Like I have no clue how to post an image or a video.
  5. What band's name came from a book by early 1900 author Sinclair Lewis?
  6. Was it The Beatles "White Album"?
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