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Any concerts coming up?

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On Monday the radio station is having a contest for Fleetwood Mac Tickets....On Monday they are going to ask a music trivia question, then you call in your answer for 5th row tickets on Tuesday/4th row...etc.....I gotta get ahold of these tickets!!!!!

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:thumbsup:So let the beat control you now,

there’s nothing here to care about.

Just you and me let’s break it down,

so follow me I’ll show you how.

I was right up front, and Kianna Alarid (who I find incredibly attractive) kept singing straight to me. I felt like a groupie. :P

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Rock Werchter 2009 First Artists revealed

Day 1

Main Stage: Oasis | Placebo | Dave Matthews Band

Day 2

Main Stage: Coldplay | The Killers | Bloc Party | Elbow | Amy Macdonald

Pyramid Marquee: The Streets

Day 3

Main Stage: Kings of Leon | Franz Ferdinand | Limp Bizkit

Day 4

Main Stage: Metallica | Mastodon

Not such great names as last year, but I think Day 3 is pretty attractive, I might go then.

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