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Any concerts coming up?


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I´d love to see Bob Weir... and old crush of mine from the early seventies... :cool:

I don´t think I´d go and see Bob Dylan live again, I don´t like his voice anymore... or the fact that you can´t recognize his songs. Last time I saw him was in early 90s.

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I always found Bob Weir so handsome... :grin:

First time I saw Dylan he would finish one song and start immediately the next one, without introducig anything or say a single word to the audience... he´s well known for that too. Anyways, he´s Bob Dylan. But he´s not like other people... you go to see the Stones and there´s magic... they´re real and amazing performers. Dylan isn´t a star on stage. he´s another kind of artist. A great one, of course. I prefer his records too, Laurie.

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Laurie... you must go. :shades:

Have you already seen him live? If not, go. Tell the truth. I´m sure your co-worker and the people you keep will be happy to know you´re enjoying Dylan live... :cool:

...and hope he´ll know you´re among the audience... ;)

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I got tickets to see Neil Young in January yesterday. I didn't know he was having a show in Sydney, but just by coincidence I happened to notice an ad in a newspaper someone had thrown out the day before tickets went on sale. Thankfully! I LOVE Neil and would have been devastated to miss that one.

I'm also going to see Patti Smith at the Sydney Opera House in a few weeks. I agree with the Bob Dylan thing. I saw him live many years ago with Patti as support act and she blew him off the stage. I love Bob and grew up on his music, but the performance was very ordinary and some of the songs were unrecognisable. But I'd go anyway. What else can you do? It's Bob!

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I will. I'm so excited, but January is so far away. I don't know how I'm going to survive until then! I saw Neil in around '89. I've seen a lot of bands since then but that concert remains the best I've ever seen. So I have to agree with you there, :rockon: Mr. Neil Young!! :rockon:

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