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  1. Any suggestions for songs with hand clapping in them? No particular reason. I just think they sound cool. I've got Radio Ga Ga by Queen and Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young ...
  2. Got Jane's Addiction tickets.
  3. The Ship Song - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley The Sound of White - Missy Higgins
  4. Oh well, thanks anyway Edna. The How To Listen to Bob site is great. I'm filling in the gaps of my Bob album collection with it.
  5. Just Because - Jane's Addiction
  6. It's hard to choose a favorite Bob album so I'd start with one of the compilations. My favourites are Blood On The Tracks and Blonde on Blonde. Also the Live 1966 album is brilliant and Hard Rain for his epic rendition of Idiot Wind, which is just amazing. I'm a huge Bob fan but I still haven't heard all of his stuff, so I'll have to follow up some of this myself. Just enjoy Viaene. Bob is the best. By the way, and excuse my ignorance if the answer is obvious, but does anybody know who or what painting Bob is holding in this picture? Thanks.
  7. I saw the Patti Smith documentary Dream Of Life recently. It was very good, although it did drag on a bit towards the end. I admire her even more after seeing it. A brilliant artist with such integrity. Inspiring.
  8. That's what I thought, or maybe Comes A Time? It's kind of like the photo, there are so many that it could be! I've been meaning to read the Shakey biography for a while. I'll have to get to the library. And I'm borrowing that Neil Young wallpaper when I get my computer fixed! So many talented people around.
  9. No, I'm no good with technology so I'm having someone come and look at it for me tomorrow. Thanks. It is a great pic RonJonSurfer. One of my favourites of him. And yeah, I think he is a lot younger than I thought in it. He's got those great sideburns happening! I'm going to see him live soon so I'm on a bit of a Neil kick at the moment. Well, I'm always on a Neil kick! I think he's one of the best. Anyway, thanks again for your help.
  10. Well, logan01 inspired me to have another search and I found it! Thank you. Sorry to waste your time everyone. Continue on, nothing more to see (except a really cool Neil Young photo maybe).
  11. Yes, I tried. I just can't find the particular one I'm after.
  12. Hi everyone. My computer crashed and is now officially dead (I'm using someone elses at the moment). I lost some image files and there is one in particular that I really love but can't find anywhere that I want to save on this computer while I have the time. It's a photo of Neil Young. It's black and white and kind of an art shot. He's sitting down holding his guitar, or maybe playing it? and staring into the camera with a very intense look on his face. I estimate it was taken in his early to mid-thirties. I know it's not much to go on. It could be a million photos of him! But if you have any ideas or can help me find it please post here. Thanks.
  13. I have a similar story. In 1989 me and my two best friends missed out on Neil Young tickets but we went to the venue anyway in the hope of at least listening through the doors. About 20 minutes into the concert the doors opened and three women came out saying he sucked (there's no accounting for taste) and just handed us their tickets. We couldn't believe our luck and it was easily the best concert I've ever seen. But the reason I mention it is because I think that concert may have finally been surpassed last Wednesday night, by Patti Smith at the Sydney Opera House. An absolutely electrifying concert. I don't think I've ever experienced a rush at a concert like the one I experienced when she did Gloria, and just about every other song was equally as brilliant. Just amazing. I envy you. I was born too late.
  14. Thanks Viaene. I definitely will! As they say, Mr Neil Young! OK, I'll stop now.
  15. I will. I'm so excited, but January is so far away. I don't know how I'm going to survive until then! I saw Neil in around '89. I've seen a lot of bands since then but that concert remains the best I've ever seen. So I have to agree with you there, Mr. Neil Young!!
  16. I got tickets to see Neil Young in January yesterday. I didn't know he was having a show in Sydney, but just by coincidence I happened to notice an ad in a newspaper someone had thrown out the day before tickets went on sale. Thankfully! I LOVE Neil and would have been devastated to miss that one. I'm also going to see Patti Smith at the Sydney Opera House in a few weeks. I agree with the Bob Dylan thing. I saw him live many years ago with Patti as support act and she blew him off the stage. I love Bob and grew up on his music, but the performance was very ordinary and some of the songs were unrecognisable. But I'd go anyway. What else can you do? It's Bob!
  17. My favourite love songs. I love them. If I Were A Carpenter - Tim Hardin You Were Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson And I Love Her - The Beatles Harvest Moon - Neil Young The Ship Song - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin Fade Into You - Mazzy Star And one of the saddest 'love lost' songs, Bob Dylan's Tomorrow Is A Long Time.
  18. I think these are brilliant videos. Great songs too. Deja Vu - Something For Kate Just - Radiohead Rabbit In Your Headlights - U.N.K.L.E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ClCwcCvdQ
  19. Nobody's Fault But Mine and Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
  20. I've always loved this song by Bob Dylan, especially these lines ... Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you Forget the dead you've left, they will not follow you. http://www.bob-dylan.com/songs/babyblue.html
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