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Since Veteran's Day is apporaching, I'm spending some time with a veteran of the peace time U.S. Army. His time was spent defending his post against dirt and grime with mop in hand. One of his barracks mates, a tough sort from Chicago went AWOL, and got caught because he came back on post to collect his pay. That fellow became "Bad Bad Leroy Brown." I'm watching "Have You Heard: Jim Croce Live," which is perfect for a hot near-Summer day. (Definitely NOT "A pale James Taylor sound-alike" at all.) :guitar:

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Season one of "Burn Notice," an "Adderly"-like tale about a rusticated secret agent.

The mystery is who/why he was fired from The Agency, and what he'll do next. His mother presents him with a private eye-like task, taking on grifters who took a retiree's money. With a burned-out ex-agent (who's reporting his activities to the FBI!) and an ex-girlfriend/IRA arms smuggler as backup, Miami Beach gets much hotter! (BTW, the home made spy tech gear and traps work.)

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