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What are You Watching Now ?!

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MC-I plan on writing a blog on Psycho for Halloween, so I really envy you having to do that report. A new DVD with updated bonus features came out last year. Be sure to mention that Janet Leigh's character's transition from nice girl to bad girl can be marked by her lingerie. When we first see her, her bra is white. After she steals the money and goes home to change, her bra is black. And mention that Norman Bates was based on serial killer Ed Gein, whose grisly acts would also serve as the basis for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And maybe mention the stunt about how no one would be allowed into the theater after the movie started and that audiences had to sign waivers saying they wouldn't comment about the film when leaving the theater, lest waiting audiences hear the secret of the film's climax. And that John Carpenter named the psychiatrist in Halloween Sam Loomis as an homage to Psycho.

Um. I'll stop talking now :blush:

Tim-I envy you. I've seen Psycho countless times but never on the big screen. All those creepy birds ten feet high? *Shudder*

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I always DVR it and then fast forward through the crap parts. I think I "watched" that one in record time. Ugh.

I've been watching SNL for as long as I can remember so I don't want to stop watching it, but it's difficult to stay loyal when they go through the inevitable slumps. I know they'll bounce back but right now I'm not thrilled.

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