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Random Music Thoughts V

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you would think so, wouldn't you?

yet eg songfacts and wikipedia are listing Patti Smith's song only as a cover on the page of the Them song...

so I'm a bit unsure...

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because it's basically the same chorus, but completely different lyrics, you know?

this is quite weird. I don't know the song you're talking about, but I'm thinking Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" is maybe the same sort of thing? He uses the chorus from "Sweet Home Alabama" and the music from "Werewolves Of London," but the verses are original (as it gets with that sort of song, anyway)

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maybe I should post some links to the songs in question, huh? ;)

Gloria ~ Them (1971)

Gloria ~ Patti Smith (1975)

[smaller]Kind of Beside the Point Now Dept.

but [/smaller]

The definitive version is from 1964. It's Them with Van Morrison.

This wikipedia article lists many cover versions including the Shadows of Knight whose effort topped "the original in the U.S. only in areas where Them's version could not be played, because it contained the words, She comes to my room ".

And the article makes the obvious comments about Patti Smith's Gloria as well.

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